What Would Buddy Do?
Put a bounty on Sal Paolantonio’s head!
Posted on August 1st, 2007 at 1:16 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

BOOOOOOOWhile the Eagle Scout blog over at NJ.com may have stolen our thunder a bit on explaining why Sal Paolantonio is (a) completely full of crap and (b) trying desperately to stir up the kind of nonsense typically reserved only for the lunatic fringes of WIP, we’d like to take this occasion to annoint Sal as the first member of the BountyBowl Bounty Club.

That is, we’ll pay $200 to whomever rings Sal’s bell on kickoff coverage. No questions asked.

(We look forward to adding more media enemies to this list, and putting prices on their heads as appropriate. In our book, you’re allowed to criticize the performance of the team — that’s chill, and we’ll do it ourselves — but we have no patience for the guys that make up nonsense in an attempt to stir up imaginary drama. Welcome to the club, big Sal! You should officially know better!)

Last call in Philly for McNabb? [ESPN.com]

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Link Here | November 11, 2007,


How can you say the 1972 undefeated Dolphin team is over rated? The New England patriots fall into the same category according to your over rated ness scale. There is not team that even plays up their calibre, because they are all terrible teams, Terrible, terribly coached and terribly un talented all of them. Its the same exact scenario. But no team since 1972 has sver accomplished what the 72 fins did. A new Franchise that came into existence in 1966 and built up from draft picks and got a great teacher and coach and a real humanitarian.

Think about that–How old are you? Were you even living during the 72 season , I was a season ticket holder since 1966 and went to every game. I saw what they were made out of..Great stuff, Great team players who did not make the salaries they do today and they played not for the money but because they loved the game

Comment by Michael

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