What Would Buddy Do?
WTF!!!! OMG is that really 5???? LOL!!!!
Posted on August 6th, 2007 at 10:00 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

LOL itSo until today I wasn’t completely sure that it was actually Donovan McNabb who was writing the Donovan McNabb blog over at Yardbarker.com. Seemed like the sort of thing that would be ghostwritten; I just assumed that 5 didn’t have Gilbert Arenas ambitions for the bloggy-blog.

I stand corrected. I think it’s Dunavin.

My rock-solid reasoning:

(1) The posts are all super-short. Like five sentences. Unlike some of us (ahem, staring awkwardly at floor), I can’t imagine McNabb has a ton of time for social media. He has a really scary job AND a kid. Five sentences, though?┬áThat makes sense.

(2) They’re moderating the comments. Haven’t seen much Negadelphia nonsense up there, even on the (cough cough) post in which he reiterated his support for Michael Vick.

(3) He’s using the blog for premature replies to the inevitable blathermonkey conjecture that follows his every move. This is actually a MASTERSTROKE. If the local blathermonkeys are going to fire potshots at him based on pure speculation, why not just answer the easy questions on your blog and make the media work a little harder. As in, he skipped practice this morning because his knee was sore. He knew that would be a “big deal” tomorrow in the papers. So he just cut it off at the pass on his blog.

This is actually a brilliant idea from Dunavin. Good work there, 5.

No Worries [Donovan McNabb on Yardbarker]

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