What Would Buddy Do?
Be honest, you’re pulling for the goofy Aussie punter
Posted on August 7th, 2007 at 9:42 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

I see youMost years it’s pretty tough to get too fired up about training camp competition for the starting punter position. Not exactly a glamour spot on the roster.

This year’s a little different.

By bringing in ex-Aussie rules footballer Sav Rocca, the Birds haven’t just frightened Dirk Johnson — they’ve given us all an interesting option at punter. As a fan, I can’t say I pay a ton of attention to the punter, but I do like the idea of having an Aussie rules guy out there. “Australian punter” has become a pretty attractive football brand; it’s just a little tougher than your average punter, AND it comes with a funny accent.

Go get ‘em Sav. We’re all pulling for you to do something extremely crude and violent in your first preseason game — prove to us you want to get the uniform dirty. Also, it gives the local blathermonkeys a chance to trot out all their Australia material. And who doesn’t enjoy Australia jokes?

(All that said, I don’t think he makes the team. Sure he might kick it far, but if there’s even an incremental five percent chance that he gets one blocked — say, in a division game — then I want nothing to do with it.)

Rocca Already Off And Kickin [Delco Times]

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