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Eagles defense falls down, gets shoved
Posted on August 27th, 2007 at 8:00 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

Tough to get too excited about Considine at this pointNot a very impressive showing from the Eagles last night. We’ll skip commentary on the offense, which was just generally sloppy (too many penalties, too many drops), but doesn’t inspire any sort of panic on this end. (They’ll be fine — Westbrook was out there for literally one play, though I hope someone is giving Reggie Brown some grief for the drops.)

We shall not skip commentary on the atrociously terrible play of the defense. Yikes! They were awful. They were a step slow getting to the quarterback all night, and did a pretty bad job of tackling people. I have no idea how Roethlisberger threw for those 247 yards in the first half since he barely ever threw the ball more than 8 yards in the air. It was just dumpoff and then 30-yard run. Yuck. I thought three players were especially suspect:

(1) Sean Considine: they told us he had bulked up in the offseason and that the tackling concerns wouldn’t be a problem this year. Ummm, it sure looked like Considine got pushed around more than once (most hideously on the Heath Miller catch over the middle) and really didn’t show any power hitting the quarterback when he got sent on the blitz (though he did a nice job whacking Big Ben’s hand that one time). With Michael Lewis in San Francisco, let us all make our peace with a wimpy strong safety.

(2) Chris Gocong: so the Birds have decided to install Chris Gocong as the starting strong-side linebacker even though he had never played a down of linebacker in college, much less the NFL. Uh-huh. How does everyone feel about that right now? Gocong looked pretty confused trying to tackle people in the secondary, and did quite a bit of “falling down.” Expect that teams will be throwing a lot of balls to their backs and tight ends underneath to exploit this against the Birds. That’ll be sweet!

(3) Jevon Kearse: umm, so why isn’t anyone talking about Kearse right now? He’s struggled to get on the field in practice and looked pretty bad last night (he was another one who seemed to do a lot of falling down). Like Dunavin, he’s also coming back from a major knee injury, and it sure seems like 5 is a lot more confident than Kearse. What happens if the knee really isn’t okay? The Birds just blew Trot out the airlock — would it really be that shocking to see Kearse follow? Crazier things have happened.

On the bright side, I really liked Rocca. And yes, I just admitted that I enjoyed watching the Goofy Australian Punter. Also, I find myself agreeing with pretty much everything that G-Cobb said (see below), which just means that the guys above must have really stunk for my eyes to pick them out.

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