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And sometimes I go to random NFL games because I live in C@L
Posted on August 31st, 2007 at 12:09 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

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Whilst most of my blogging efforts here on BountyBowl will be squarely focused on the goings-on surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles, the truth is that I don’t live in Philadelphia. Not even close. Thanks to the electric internets, you can actually follow the team pretty thoroughly from afar. But if you want to go see live action, you need to settle for the local (non-Eagle) teams.

Thus do I attend a couple C@L Nerdbird (Seattle Seahawks) games each season. I caught their final preseason game last night, against the Raiders. Not too too much to report, but I do have a couple quick hits:

Good for the folks in C@L: the game last night was shockingly well-attended and even occasionally loud. The people had their gear on and were fired up for some football — despite the fact that very few of the starters would see action for the Nerdbirds. I suppose if you have to pay full price for the ticket, you may as well pretend that it’s a real game (even if the players don’t).

The Raiders offensive line is atrocious: our seats were right along the goal-line where Daunte Culpepper started his first drive (at his own 1-yard line). After throwing incomplete on first down, Culpepper handed off to Domenic Rhodes who was promptly dropped in the end zone for a safety. For the record, the Seahawks defensive front pushed the Raiders entire offensive line about two yards deep into the end zone on that play. They just abused them. I know that these guys were backups out there for the Raiders, but still. They got humiliated on that play. Not very auspicious for a team that was 32nd in offensive DVOA in 2006.

I can’t believe there’s a quarterback controversy in Oakland: I saw McCown and Culpepper last night and in one other preseason game. It isn’t even close. Culpepper should be the guy, no questions asked. He was moving well last night, and he has actual game experience in the NFL — he’s even won playoff games. I can’t believe they’d throw a McCown out there in front of him. That’s complete crazytalk.

Quarterback race too close to call [Silver&Black blog at SFGate.com]

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