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Local blathermonkey mounts high horse, disses Dave Spadaro
Posted on September 3rd, 2007 at 12:11 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

kind of an awkward photoAs if on cue, Philly Inquirer columnist Phil Sheridan saddles his high horse and uses his Sunday sports column as an opportunity to throw rocks at Dave Spadaro and the entire Eagles media operation.

I love it when a plan comes together.

It’s not that Phil Sheridan doesn’t get it. He does. His column demonstrates he at least understands some of the rationale for the Eagles in-house media operation (even as he’s whinging about it):

So it’s always good for a laugh when philadelphiaeagles.com “reports” a roster move, or Reporter X from NFL Network “breaks a story” about a trade or a coach being fired.

The reality is, the Eagles or Phillies or other teams are announcing the move. They dress it up as an exclusive “report” to pump up Web traffic and to bypass the pesky legitimate media, which sometimes have the temerity to criticize the roster moves or write negative things the team would never permit on its own Web site.

In this new-media world, philadelphiaeagles.com is competing for the same eyeballs as philly.com.

Personally, I like the way that he uses the condescending quotation marks to denote that the “Eagles media staff” aren’t the same as “real reporters.” Umm, Phil, dude, it’s the “sports page.” It’s all “imaginary entertainment news” (think of it as Brad and Angelina for the male 18-44 set). These are not matters of state. While we will acknowledge that the Eagles take their PR very seriously (and they have to), let us not confuse Jeremiah’s Trotter’s release with the depature of Alberto Gonzalez.

And the crowing about the mistake on the web site is just, well, kind of embarrassing — it makes Phil Sehridan seem jealous and insecure. Though he probably has a good reason to be jealous, because I’m pretty sure a Dave Spadaro (head of Eagles web site plus on-air personality) is making more jack than a Phil Sheridan (columnist in the local paper, no TV deals, no book).

Too bad Spadaro’s not a “real” journalist!

Birds burned by early cut list [Inquirer]

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Interestingly, the White House would use its own “media staff” to announce the departure (e.g. firing) of any of its staff - including our good buddy Alberto (high ho, the witch is dead!). That may mean a press conference instead of a column (often called press release) for the big items but it is essentially how they play the game too.

Comment by Wilbert Montgomery

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