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Pick Me (the David Akers commerical is pretty solid)
Posted on September 4th, 2007 at 8:29 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

very zen indeedFor those of you poor unfortunate b*stards who (1) actually look at this site and (2) don’t have NFL Network, I thought I’d pass along a link to the David Akers “Fantasy File” commercial currently in rotation on said NFL Network.

It’s essentially a house ad pushing the fantasy games, with Reebok paying the tab.  They have three of these things in total, with Akers, Marques Colston and Marc Bulger as the stars in each. The Colston one is okay, and I have a soft spot for Bulger, (if only because he’s remarkably undermarketed for a guy who’s a marquee QB and I hadn’t seen him in an ad before), but obviously the Akers one is my favorite.

Though the ads generally just rip off the camera tricks/ digital f/x in the Powerade ads with LeBron and Michael Vick, they all have just the right sense of humor, and, well, the camera tricks/ digital f/x still work. Good for David Akers that he got himself a commerical. If he plays his cards right, by November he could be taking a bath in some steaming hot Chunky Soup with Dunavin.

NFL Fantasy File by Reebok [NFL.com — and never mind the irony that they make you watch a 30-second pre-roll ahead of the actual 30-second ad you’re trying to access; blame the ad infrastructure]

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Link Here | September 4, 2007,

The sick thing about that ad is Akers actually can do that. He said when they were shooting it they were tossing around ideas and he showed them that trick. They obviously went with it and its pretty crazy. It was a radio interview with Preston and Steve a few weeks back. But yea, that tricks for real, no CGI

Comment by HunterX20

Link Here | September 4, 2007,

So I definitely believe he can handle flicking the ball into the air, but it had to be tough to hit it through the uprights from that distance. Let’s at least allow that it probably took him a couple takes.

Total miss on my part not referencing the relevant Tiger Woods Nike spot:


For shame!

Comment by Cheesesteak Hoagie |

Link Here | September 5, 2007,

Yeah, he said it took several takes to actually get it through the uprights.

Comment by HunterX20

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