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Gods exact minor revenge for 4th-and-26 with craptastic Eagles special teams performance
Posted on September 10th, 2007 at 5:52 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

and we will not be allowing this to happen againI’m actually pretty impressed by how easily I took yesterday’s COMPLETELY CRAPTASTIC AND SLOPPY LOSS to the Packers. I was really looking forward to Week 1, and it couldn’t have been more disappointing: my favorite team didn’t play well, and the game wasn’t really any fun to watch. And that isn’t because both defenses outplayed both offenses — good defense can be fun to watch when it’s hard-earned. But this was just sloppy up and down.

Still, I feel like the Eagles have been pretty blessed over the years w/r/t the Packers, and that eventually even luck reverts to the mean. Imagine the scenario if you’re a Packers fan: your offense has been horrific all day. It’s obvious that Favre is looking at Donald Driver — and only Donald Driver — each time he drops back. Your biggest play of the second half was a circus flip to your third-string tailback. Your only points have come from your defense and the inability of the Eagles to catch a punt. And now you’re kicking the ball to Donovan McNabb with 1:20 to play and 45 yards between him and a potential game-winning field goal.

And then the heavens erupt and the Eagles muff the punt — AGAIN! It’s the sort of thing you can’t imagine happening once in a game, much less twice. Total gift, and you finally get a win against the Eagles. Sure, it’s not a playoff game, but it at least balances the karma from 4th-and-26 a wee little bit. (And the Eagles MOST CERTAINLY didn’t deserve to win that game.)

While I’m not completely panicked about the Birds, we can’t say that the offense looked sharp. I’ll put some of that on the Packers’ defensive line — who were outstanding, and got a ton of pressure on McNabb without blitzing — and I’ll put some of it on a guy who’s coming back from an ACL. I’m still unconvinced by the defense, though — the Packers had minimal talent on offense, so we’ll need a little more of a test before we can towel off about their potential for disaster.

Also, for the record, I agree with everyone else and blame the special teams f*ckups on Andy Reid. Full stop.

(I look forward to writing a post about the return of Reno Mahe in the next two days.)

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