What Would Buddy Do?
Getting pushed around like it was 2003!
Posted on September 18th, 2007 at 2:27 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

at least rocca hasnt screwed up with the holdingSo we’ve all heard this story before.

Many moons ago, back in the days before TO and the trip to the Thuper Bowl, the Eagles used to grind out wins with their QB, a feisty defense, some talent at TE and RB — despite a completely overmatched WR corps. If last night’s game is any indication of a larger trend, it sure looks like this team needs to start thinking about winning in the 2003 style and not the 2004 style, because their WRs are getting pushed around like Trash and Stinkston.

Despite the general hysteria in the papers and on the radio, I don’t think McNabb is/ was terrible right now. He’s average and improving. Rex Grossman is terrible. No matter how freaked the natives may be, you’d take 5 over the Sex Cannon no questions asked right now. 5 missed some balls in the red zone, but he also hit some huge fourth-down passes against pressure in the fourth quarter. He’s not great, but he’s not the whole problem.

THE CRAPTASTIC WIDE RECEIVERS ARE THE WHOLE PROBLEM. They’re small and weak and now that there is two weeks of film that says you can push them around, guess what the rest of the league will do for the remainder of the season? To the untrained eye, Jaosn Avant is the only guy who isn’t a wuss; he should get more snaps. I didn’t have any problems with how they used Westbrook (he got his touches), but he isn’t sneaking up on anyone. And that’s an issue (especially in the red zone).

The thing is, the team has won games with crappy WRs before. But Andy Reid needs to acknowledge that he doesn’t have the 2004 roster out there. He has the 2003 team with a hobbled QB. Plays should be called accordingly.

On the bright side, the young defensive tackles are playing very well. The Skins actually couldn’t really run on the Birds last night. I’m mildly optimistic that these guys could be anchoring the line for years to come. Bunkley actually looks legit. (The pass rush is kind of stinky though; Juqua Thomas and Trent Cole are the real threats, play them more.)

For the record, I watched this game on my PC in a hotel room in London (kickoff 1:30 am) through the NFL online broadcast service that’s only available outside of North America. Apart from the thing where they only have four (4) total commercials that get run in EVERY SINGLE BREAK (including that brutal Michael Strahan take-a-player-to-school spot), the service was extremely satisfying. If only we could have this in the US (for those of us whose shrubbery prevents access to NFL Sunday Ticket). Sigh.

In other news, I’m headed to the Detroit game (my first at the Linc since the Vikings game in the Super Bowl run). I can already feel the collective urban anxiety!

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