What Would Buddy Do?
Can I wear an Andre Waters shirt to the Linc tomorrow (or is it too weird)?
Posted on September 22nd, 2007 at 8:58 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

Andre Waters Throwback Jersey

I need a little help from the peanut gallery on this one.

Less than a year ago a very good friend got married and gave each of the guys in the wedding party a throwback jersey as a gift. This was extremely solid of him. No questions asked.

As he was familiar with my passion for the Birds, and specifically my passion for the mean-spirited defensive violence of the Buddy-Ryan-era Birds, he had a green #20 Andre Waters shirt custom made for me. Obviously, I was thrilled, and was more than excited to don said shirt for even the after-party at the wedding.

The following 48 hours were then extremely weird, from a karma perspective. I wore the shirt to the sports bar in suburban New York the next day and Dunavin blew out his knee. A day later, Andre Waters committed suicide. Weird, I know.

So the question is, can I actually wear this shirt to the Linc on Sunday? Is it honorable (people wear the Jerome Brown and Reggie White throwbacks all the time), or morbidly odd (because of the circumstances around Waters’ death)? Any help here is appreciated.

This is a tough one.

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Link Here | September 24, 2007,

Understandable discomfort re: Waters. Especially sonn after his untimely passing, which many believe was in part sparked by brain damage caused by football-related collisions.

In my opinion, wearing the shirt of a deceased player is a glowing tribute to who he was and what he represented on the field — and that was an unyielding devotion to success, and putting it all on the line for the team. Who knows if advances in helmet safety today would have prevented the damage that tormented him (perhaps his death will spur further safety regulations in our beloved violent game). But as the crowds reaction to his enthronment on the 75th anniversary team showed, his memory and presence remain strong in Eagle-ville… and a Kelly green tribute is both fitting and welcome.

Comment by Joe Zalewski

Link Here | September 24, 2007,


I put this image on my desktop after the Skins loss. It has good mojo and the green background is note perfect. Use it in faith.

Comment by Chris

Link Here | October 1, 2007,

So, um, did you wear the shirt? Because I’m completely serious when I say that this would be easily the best explanation I’ve heard so far for what happened last night.

Comment by Derek |

Link Here | October 3, 2007,

Not that I’m one of those people who believes that his wardrobe choices can influence professional sporting events, but I wore the Waters shirt both weeks (Lions and Giants) with (very obvious) varying effects.

The only sartorial difference between the two weeks was that I wore my Phillies shirt beneath my jersey at the Giants game. I really shouldn’t have tempted fate that way.

Comment by Cheesesteak Hoagie |

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