What Would Buddy Do?
That’s mos def a KILLSHOT
Posted on September 27th, 2007 at 4:45 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

Whilst we endeavour to discuss the Birds exclusively, we do have a special spot in our football hearts for the KILLSHOT, the play by which a defender ends a game by purposely injuring a quarterback.

The video that PFT posted of the Vince Wilfork hit on J.P. Losman is pretty damning. We hate to point fingers, but this sure looked like a KILLSHOT.

The crazy thing is that this is the sort of thing that really wasn’t necessary (it wasn’t Rich Gannon in a playoff game). The Pats were crushing the Bills whether Losman was out there or not; I guess maybe the Pats just want to make sure we all know they’re the bad guys this season?

Video below:

Pretty bad, actually.

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Link Here | September 27, 2007,

come on brah, you are better than this….

Comment by Brah

Link Here | September 27, 2007,

<p>I guess they took the video down. Oh well.</p>
<p>My obsession with the KillShot stands on its own, and this sure looked like one. I just read Wilfork’s comments, and of course I’ll believe him when he says he didn’t mean to hurt Losman. At best, it’s what the soccer folks call a clumsy challenge (you still get cards for those).</p>
<p>Also, if this had happened to Tom Brady there would have been a Congressional Inquiry. </p>
<p>(The Siragusa one against Gannon is still the worst. That Raiders team could have won the whole thing.)</p>

Comment by Cheesesteak Hoagie |

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