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Put a bounty on Peter King!
Posted on September 28th, 2007 at 2:11 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

before he lost the weightIn all honesty, I can’t believe it took me this long to get a bounty on Peter King.

I’m not gonna dog King for his increasingly played out and lame MMQB column (which used to be required reading but is now two years past its use-by date), his dweebishly mundane descriptions of commuting (yawn), or even the self-important patriotism of publishing the letters from the soldier in Iraq (yes yes, Peter, you’re doing a great thing for AMERICA here). Nope, I’m getting down on Peter King for being exactly the uptight white sportswriter that we thought he was.

In King’s defense, he did publish two letters that were critical of his position on last week’s McNabb row. So he gets a pat on the butt for that. But he answered the letters in his column in a completely incorrect and self-serving way, by claiming that Donovan was incorrect and had no evidence that he faced different/ harsher criticism because of race:

But can you give me one piece of evidence in the last five, six, seven years that Donovan McNabb has been treated more harshly than his white counterparts because of his race?

Why don’t we let Donovan answer that himself? From Dunavin’s blog:

Black quarterbacks have to deal with different things than white quarterbacks. If you don’t think that’s true than you are na├»ve. Peyton, Tom and Carson to name a few, have never been asked what it’s like to be a white quarterback. They probably have not been told that they should have scrambled more. I bet Fran Tarkenton, Steve Young, Jake Plummer, and Doug Flutie have never been told by a member of any racial consciousness organization that they don’t play the quarterback position white enough.

Right. That works for me. So while we certainly would prefer that Donovan McNabb STOP TALKING/ BLOGGING ABOUT RACE AND HIS SENSITIVE LITTLE FEELINGS UNTIL THE SEASON IS OVER AND THE BIRDS WIN THE SUPER BOWL, we can’t disagree with the facts of the case. And when King does disagree (in the face of some pretty obvious and compelling evidence), we can only assume that he’s acting the part of the paranoid-how-dare-you-accuse-me-of-racism white sportswriter.

Thus, we must place a bounty on the head of Peter King — fifty bucks to anyone who whups him on kickoff coverage!

MMQB: Tuesday Edition [SI.com]

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