What Would Buddy Do?
We just might have to burn this m*therf*cker down
Posted on September 30th, 2007 at 6:17 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

burn it all downThis is going to get a lot more agitated/ anxious/ loco before it’s all over, isn’t it.

So the Mets and Phils do the simultaneity thing at 1 pm, which means for the first time in I can’t remember how many years, I will watch a sporting event OTHER THAN THE NFL during live NFL games. This should produce a solid three hours of anxiety for the entire Philadelphia region (and about a third of the New York region, sorry Mets fans)*. With any luck, the Phils and Marlins will cooperate with our collective inability to process stress and each score 11 runs in the first inning.

I find this scenario very doubtful. We’ll be watching to the final pitch on both games. (I’m in Jersey right now — fresh from Sweden! — and will have both games easily accessibly.) Ugh.

And THEN we get to follow that with a drive up the Parkway/ Turnpike (brief stop to acquire additional staff and supplies in Hoboken) to Giants stadium, for yet another edition of I-hate-the-Giants-and-every-time-the-Birds-play-them-it-makes-me-extra-psychotic. I don’t know what it is about the G-Men (living in the City for six years didn’t help), but they’re the ones that get me the most.

We’ll have a couple Mets fans at our tailgate, and we should be able to keep that civil (especially if we’re heading for a playoff on Monday). For the one guy who’s the Giants + Mets fan, well, may the peace of the Lord be with him always. There won’t be anything obnoxious there (we know this drill after 10 years), but I expect lots of awkward silences/ refusals to make eye contact as we approach kick-off.

And let us not even consider the multiple-loss scenario; I fear someone might start a fire. 

Should be fun.



*Generally speaking, if I had to guess, I would say that Giants fans are mostly likely to be Yankee fans (Manhattan + Jersey), whilst the J-E-T-S and the M-E-T-S share more of a fanbase (outer boros + strong island), but this is pure conjecture. I’m sure someone has a nifty Ven diagram on this. The most important thing to note here is that of all those fans, the Giants fans are far and away the lamest. And by “lame” I mean uptight patrician types who’ve been sitting on their tickets for years and think that the Giants are some sort of NFL royalty or something and are too good for cheerleaders.  Of course, we shouldn’t complain too too much since all of our tickets (and good parking passes — nice) for said game came from Giants fans (who are now about to be in-laws).  Really hope they don’t read this!

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Link Here | September 30, 2007,

Sorry, I took the G-Men in the pickem …straight up!

Comment by Anonymous

Link Here | October 1, 2007,

Oh well… at least the Phils showed up yesterday.
Flipping between 1210 and 660 on the NJ Turnpike was pure joy… including the end of the Mets game with audible cascading boos blending into audible cheers in Philadelphia as word spread through the masses in Citizens Bank Park that the orange and blue had been vanquished. And then of course the end of the Phils game, which will be heard again and again for at least the next week. Is this the first time that the Phils have clinched at home? Methinkso….

Alas, the exuberance and overall Willy Penn momentum did not continue into the acursed swamps of the Meadowlands. Injuries, poor game play, and shooting themselves in the foot with penalties, combined for the weakest Green showing this season. But that’s for another blog posting I suppose….

The Phils win was excellent and very timely — the Phillies playoff run should deflect much of the attention towards the Eagles heading into the bye week and give us something to obsess over for the next week or two (or more we hope).
Parking passes are clutch — I was subjugated to taking a shuttle from scenic Lyndhurst, NJ (which happens to have a Mideval Times! First date potential…), adding on a bunch to the commute.

Comment by Joe Z

Link Here | October 1, 2007,

My mom actually grew up in Lyndhurst. Haven’t been there in a while — didn’t know they had a medieval times!

Comment by Cheesesteak Hoagie |

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