What Would Buddy Do?
Go Phils (a.k.a. Eagles explore new depths of craptasticness)
Posted on October 1st, 2007 at 1:51 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

the best part of last night

I’m going to stay positive about last night’s game. Some highlights:

1. I had a totally sweet sandwich at the tailgate. See above. Seriously, it was delicious. Luca Brasi’s in Hoboken. Good stuff.

2. We had a nifty parking pass that allowed us to park in this structure that was reasonably close to the stadium (and not in Lyndhurst, NJ). It momentarily convinced me I was going to the mall and not to an imitation pro football game to watch the Birds’ imitation offense give an imitation effort.

3. I was only sacked twice by Osi Umenyiora (once in the men’s room, the other in the beer line; both were Winston Justice’s fault).

the view from our seats

4. Opportunity to debate whether Eagles loss was more painful than the Mets loss (with a diehard Mets fan). In retrospect, he was right. The Mets thing is much worse. (But the Iggles still stunk last night.)

5. Excellent display of durability from Donovan McNabb. That really must hurt to get thrown to the ground so many times. Ouchie! Who says he’s brittle!

6. Brian Westbrook and Tra Thomas can secretly feel important and loved. Michael Lewis (the non-strong safety one) can sell more copies of The Blind Side in Philly.


Gulp. Sure seems like a great time for a bye week. We can all pretend the Eagles season isn’t happening and scream at the TV on behalf of the Phightins.

SACKS FIFTH AVENUE [Philadelphia Daily News — GREAT headline]

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Link Here | October 3, 2007,

Certainly a painful game. The offensive line was shockingly weak, for a unit that has been pretty strong in the last year or two. Surprising that one change to the line could cause such disruption — although clearly Winston Justice was the weakest link. Even when thy brought in extra guys to block, the Giants seemed to have their way–Reno Mahe, by the way, is a horrendous blocker.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Sellick’s name was called twice, if only becuase I am such a big fan of Magnum PI.

Personal note: I had the misfortune of sitting next to an angry short young woman from the “mainline” who was a constant source of vulgarity and offensive vrbal expectoration. Showed absolutely zero respect for her surroundings and called out pretty much everyone around her. At one point the man in front of her called her some nasty words, and I was afraid a fight would break out, and I chimed in–I think the people in front thought I was protecting her and started arguing with me. It was not pretty. Meanwhile, the shrew’s poor husband did not chime in at all, leading her to march out of the seats. I made friendly with most of the Giants fans around me in their absence, who realized I was not with them. The couple came back, and was quiet for a little and then started back up again–this time with no Good Samaritanism from me. No fisticuffs, but the husband did go through the motions of protecting the honor of his beloved, although not completely to her satisfaction. In all my games in Philadelphia and elsewhere, I have never come across such antagonistic villainy.

Night games stink - you get home so late and are exhausted the next day. I guess previous years’ games I was ok with since I spent my drowsy mornings reading about the glories of the prior night, and emailing with other fans, similar to schoolgirls jubilantly telling after a night of kissing…. but oh no not this past Monday. Instead it was a morning of a sa widow’s mourning after a prior night’s shipwreck.

Comment by Joe Z

Link Here | December 20, 2007,

I would like to see a continuation of the topic

Comment by Maximus |

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