What Would Buddy Do?
‘Tis no man. ‘Tis a remorseless eating machine.
Posted on October 8th, 2007 at 2:14 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

eat yourself to victory big fellaOne more (potentially delicious) note from the Jay Glazer article on Foxsports. In addition to being the first to post Big Red’s official denial, Glazer also noted that Andy Reid headed to Atlantic City for the weekend to unwind a bit.

Whilst we shan’t speculate about how Andy Reid spends his leisure time, a quick process of elimination can lead to a set of likely answers*. That is, if Andy Reid is going to A.C., is he gambling? What with the Mormon thing, probably not. Okay, then is he boozing? Again, in re: the Mormon thing, probably not. Taking in a show? Maybe, especially if Tammy was in tow.

That leaves us with one big vacation to-do for Coach Reid: GETTING FREAKY WITH THE ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT BUFFET. I bet Andy Reid got down there and ate like a freakin’ berserker. Bring this man shrimp! Lots of shrimp! And oversized crab legs! And lamb chops! And crab cakes! Use a backhoe if you have to, but be sure that the refills are frequent and ample!

I, for one, am wholeheartedly supportive of Andy Reid eating whatever he wants. The one year he lost the weight (2005) the Birds finished 6-10. Eff that shiznit. If Andy Reid needs to consume 9,500 calories per day and enough trans-fat to clog the Hoover Dam for the Eagles to win, so be it. It’s just the big fella’s way of sacrificing for the team.

*For purposes of politeness, we’ve eliminated “whoring” as a possible answer.

Reid on job rumors: ‘Are you kidding me?’ [Foxsports]

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