What Would Buddy Do?
Andy Reid gets all huffy about the electric internets
Posted on October 11th, 2007 at 4:25 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

it cannot be reasoned with it doesnt feel pain it just BLOGS AND BLOGS AND BLOGS UNTIL WE ARE ALL DEAD AND GONEIn his first Eagles press conference in nine days, Andy Reid looked the assembled local blathermonkeys in their collective (beady little) eyes and assured them that he wouldn’t be quitting (during the season). This is, of course, in addition to his national media denial to Jay Glazer over the weekend.

For the avoidance of doubt, he did not use exclamation points this time around.

He did, however, go out of his way to badmouth THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER in the course of his denial by positioning the rumors as the sort of crazy nonsense that you only find on that goofy electric internet.

Dude, Andy, we know it isn’t sweet to have to talk about your poorly behaved children, your 1-3 record, and the fact that people are speculating that your days of being the most successful coach in the history of the franchise are soon to end. We hear you. But we don’t think you need to be calling out our good friend the electric internet.

Of course, we get what you’re doing. You’re trying to downplay the rumors by categorizing them as “coming from internet, and you know you can’t trust THAT thing.” In addition to noting that he wasn’t “blog efficient [sic],” he elaborated:

“Obviously, I received a lot of phone calls. And really, I’m not sure what a blog is, to be very honest with you. So I don’t know where the information came from, but it was false. So I just wanted to make sure people understood that.”

Do you REALLY not know what a blog is? I don’t believe that. Of course, Big Red did a good job of sucking up to his audience of paid hack journalist/ blathermonkeys by reminding them that they’re the “real” press and not from those pesky “internets.” The MSM likes when people tell them that they’re special and different from the online media and bloggers. And that’s kind of adorable. They’re “sports” reporters, after all. As discussed, this is just Brad-and-Angelina for the male 18-to-44 set.  This isn’t Iran’s nuclear program.

In semi-unrelated news, I couldn’t find Britt or Garrett Reid on Facebook. Sigh. I’ll keep looking.

Reid shoots down Internet rumors [Phillyburbs.com]

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