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Gru-Dawg 08!
Posted on October 16th, 2007 at 9:31 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

come on back JonMad props to the good folks at NFL Network for not only (a) bringing back the highly excellent and consistently outstanding America’s Game series, but also (b) for showing previously unaired episodes. Last winter they worked through the 20 best teams of all time, and now I guess we’re filling in the gaps with the other 21. Super duper. The DVR is set.

I finally got around to the (highly recommended) episode on the 2002 Bucs last night. Overall, the episode was definitely in the top quartile (and might have edged higher were it not for the obnoxious and not-quite-as-charming-as-he-thinks presence of Warren Sapp throughout), and surprisingly Eagles-centric (given that the Eagles have never won a Super Bowl). My big takeaways:

  • The Eagles could really play some defense during the first couple years of the Andy Reid administration! I had forgotten that it wasn’t so long ago that the Birds could put a whuppin on other teams, especially on that cruel turf at the Vet.
  • You know who used to be really fast and could outrun the entire Bucs defense to the pylon if he needed to score a touchdown? Donovan McNabb. Wow. I’m not sure that guy is ever coming back.
  • You know who else is never coming back (but made a crazy tackle from across the field on Joe Jurevicius in the NFC Championship game)? B-Dawk. But that’s a separate topic.
  • I will stand by previous assertions that the 2002 NFC Championship game was the most disappointing sporting event I will ever attend.
  • Jon Gruden absolutely needs to coach the Birds next year. How much will that cost? This guy is worth it for the comedy factor alone (and not just his overwhelming competence). Highlights from the “America’s Game” include: Gruden attending his brother’s Arena League game (during the season) and relentlessly harassing the referees throughout (including heavy profanity); Gruden playing scout-team Rich Gannon in practice the week before the Super Bowl; Gruden expressing his affection for Bon Jovi without hint of irony; Gruden telling everyone on the Bucs that they stunk and challenging their manhood.

Seriously, I’m sold on Gruden. Andy Reid can be Executive VP or something, but the Eagles need Gruden on the sidelines. Next year. That would be awesome.

America’s Game on DVD [NFLShop.com]

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Link Here | October 16, 2007,

Amazing video of the porter- jones fight. I hope porter gets sued.

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