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Mrs. McNabb (not Mom) speaks
Posted on October 18th, 2007 at 7:48 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

thats her on the rightA rare media appearance by Mrs. McNabb this week (that’s the one that’s married to Donovan, not Donovan’s mom — we hear plenty from her). Raquel “Roxie” McNabb is not very Anna Benson; she avoids the unwavering gaze of the local blathermonkeys and even does a solid job of managing her online digital footprint/ privacy (the search engines are pretty thin on Dunavin’s better half).

She spoke to the “Yo!” section of the Daily News to pimp her charity event this week, which by all accounts seems like a good thing that will help people and inspire us all to give something back to the community. We also learned the following (and by “learned” I mean “inferred and speculated”):

  • Dunavin married a Canadian!  Dude, that’s a borderline enemy of freedom right there.  I really hope that young Alexis McNabb isn’t holding dual citizenship.  Treasonous! 
  • I wouldn’t have mentioned the Canadian thing had Mrs. McNabb not dropped a couple cracks about our inferior health care system.  Whatever!  Your country clubs the crap out of baby seals, so you’re not perfect either!
  • Mrs. McNabb doesn’t sugarcoat it for Dunavin when he’s stinky: “If he plays bad, I’m not going to tell him he played well.”
  • She agrees that Dunavin’s parents are kind of a pain in the ass (but hey, they’re her in-laws, she’s allowed to complain): “Don and I have been together for 13 years. They fuss at me the same way they fuss at him. His father is a committed man, committed to what he believes in . . . he definitely instilled that in Donovan and in his other son, Sean. He walked us through a lot of things early on in our marriage.”  Yup, they’re up in her grill.
  • She hints at a slightly more wayward phrase during “Don’s” early years, and that his dad had to make sure he was “ready” to get married.  Umm, was Dunavin a player?  Tell us more!  In fact, a messy divorce (complete with many mistresses) for the McNabbs would be the only thing that could top the Reid family scandal in terms of local media prurience.  I suppose outing Shawn Andrews would also be pretty solid.   
  • She wants more babies, and it sure sounds like Dunavin isn’t getting it done right now.  And now that the sports hernia is healed, he really doesn’t have an excuse

Raquel’s _____ [Philadelphia Daily News]

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Link Here | October 23, 2007,

I’m not even going to say which joke made me laugh, but it knows who it is :)

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