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Blathering with the blathermonkeys: 2-4 means it’s time for Kolb?
Posted on October 23rd, 2007 at 10:50 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

riff away boysIn the considered opinions of professional sportswriters Bob Ford and Phil Sheridan, the Eagles’ season is essentially over at 2-4 and the only question left to ask is which week would be most appropriate to introduce Kevin Kolb as a starter.

Whilst they attempt to slip a couple caveats into their analysis (Sheridan is more willing to say the season is completely over than Ford), both embrace an apocalyptic viewpoint in re: the state of the Birds and their prospects for success this season. Never mind that the Eagles were ranked in the top half of the NFL in the FootballOutsiders DVOA rankings or that they recovered from a 5-6 record to win the division last year! The team has lost a couple close games, and the experts insist that the coach and QB must go!

(This is me shaking my head and smiling because at least talking about the Eagles is only a hobby for me; I don’t claim any special professional expertise.)

This is not to say that I think things are looking good for the Birds (see also, where I think 7-9 feels about right), but said things can most definitely change, and it’s way too early in the season to capitulate entirely. They sure didn’t look like a potential division winner after they got blown out at Indy Thanksgiving weekend last year.

I suggest clicking through to the video just to enjoy the affectation of the setting they chose for this little tete-a-tete/ exciting new multimedia content. They’ve got them in a bar, sipping on beers (!) while they talk about their favorite team. Just like you and me! Only they’re professional journalists just pretending to be regular guys. Got that? Just fakin it. To make it so they can, like, relate. To us.

Riffing with the Writers: Time to Try Out Kolb? [Philly.com]

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Link Here | October 24, 2007,

You should get punched in the face for having the nerve to put “Negadelphia” on your blog. Puaay.

Comment by GreenKoolAidSucks

Link Here | October 25, 2007,

Um, why? I don’t get it.

Also, you can swear on my blog, it’s cool. Watch:

“Hey GreenKoolAidSucks, you are a PUSSY too!”

Knock yourself out!

(Go Birds.)

Comment by hoagie |

Link Here | October 25, 2007,

Hmmm….season’s over? Sure, maybe I’ll buy that in terms of the Eagles having a chance at the postseason.

But, there’s no reason for Kolb to see the field this year (except in garbage time situations) unless it’s already decided that McNabb will be released/traded before next season (Cue the WIP conspiracy theorists) or if 5 gets hurt again. So here’s hoping we don’t see much of Kevy for another couple years.

And you’re both pussies.

Comment by BrianS

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