What Would Buddy Do?
Are we all the poison/ problem?
Posted on November 6th, 2007 at 3:36 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

sheldon brown has an iPodA theory, just a tiny one, on a day when I don’t have the energy to discuss why it’s ridiculous to start the Kevin Kolb talk yet again (as apparently happens after every loss, even if it’s mostly the defense’s fault, see Chicago and Dallas):

Have you ever wondered if part of the problem with the Eagles — and teams in Philly more generally — is the absolutely poisonous atmosphere created by the fans and local media? That is, as much as these guys pretend that they tune it all out and focus on the game on the field, do you worry that they feel our collective lunacy/ anxiety? The lunacy/ anxiety that leads us to boo an incompletion on second down of the first series of a game?

I thought this sort of talk was a few steps too far, but then I saw Sheldon Brown’s quotes in today’s papers:

“I still believe in the guys in this locker room and I hope they believe in me. There’s no quit in my heart, no give-up. In this league, it’s always, ‘What have you done for me lately?’ So if we go out and win big next week, then we’ll be talking a different language than tonight….

Green Bay, I still feel we could have won that football game - two special-teams plays … Washington, we were right there at the end at home. The only thing that’s frustrating is, you should be able to win at home. You should be able to win football games. Ever since I’ve been here, we’ve been able to be a dominant football team at home. I’m not just talking about barely winning the game. I’m talking about having fun at the end of the game, when it’s not close.

To me, it seems like we play better on the road. I don’t know why we’re doing that.”

I dunno, I could be imagining things, but this doesn’t seem that far afield. Maybe these guys just need a little bit more love and confidence from the peoples?  Maybe the negativity has just gone too far?

(And maybe they had better learn to deal with it since the anxiety in the stands isn’t changing any time soon.)

Yes. That was much better than yet another post bashing the blathermonkeys about Kolb.  Also, Sheldon Brown isn’t an idiot and I look forward to him being a more vocal leader for the club in the future.

Reality staring Birds in the beak [Philly Inquirer]

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