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The best play the Eagles have made all season
Posted on November 11th, 2007 at 10:35 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie


Thanks to a lopsided result in the Green Bay - Minnesota game/ the glorious and generous mercies of the respective gods of football and television, the Fox affiliate here in Seattle switched to the Birds game with about 3 minutes left in the third quarter.

I wasn’t actually here to watch it (airplanes today; San Antonio to Seattle, layover in Houston where I was able to catch the first three quarters), but my extremely clever roommate DVRs all the games, so the exciting conclusion was waiting for me when I got home later tonight. I mean, I knew the result thanks to the refresh button on ESPN’s mobile site and a minor delay on the tarmac in Houston, but it was pretty sweet to get to see the screen pass to Westbrook, AKA THE BEST PLAY THE EAGLES HAVE MADE ALL SEASON on my very own TV.

Predictably, we gave the DVR a workout on said play.

My man crush on Brian Westbrook is more pronounced than ever, but that play wasn’t just about Westbrook. McNabb moved very well to set it up, and threw a nice ball to Westbrook. The blocking was spectacular all the way down the field. Shawn Andrews had a huge block, and Reggie Brown pushed all the way to the goal line, but my favorite part was the roundhouse left hook Jon Runyan threw at Cornelius Griffin. Managed to get a couple screen grabs from the NFL site:


(It goes without saying that order has been restored to my sector of the universe this evening. More on the game after I watch the press conferences. What, you don’t watch the press conferences? Also, I might add that I thought the Tampa game from last year might happen again — big Westbrook TD wiped out by a special teams or defensive meltdown, but the defense actually stepped up. This is how anxious I am about the Birds at this point.)

Donovan McNabb highlights including the TD from a couple angles [NFL.com — get it while it lasts!]
Westbrook a star on stage and screen [Philly.com]

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