What Would Buddy Do?
The Times is the paper of record (take that, Philly blathertariat!)
Posted on November 12th, 2007 at 4:13 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

new_york_times_building.jpgOh, the local blathermonkeys can’t be thrilled with this!

After weeks of baiting Andy Reid (and Donovan McNabb, but we’ll skip that for now) about his impending dismissal/ resignation from the Eagles (which, it might be noted, included an actual editorial in the Daily News demanding Reid’s departure), Big Red and Joe Banner decided to tell their side of the story — to the New York Freakin’ Times.

In a move eerily similar to the Reid bye-week exclusive with Fox Sports correspondent Jay Glazer, The Eagles PR/ marketing machine decided to go over the local blathermonkeys’ heads to tell a heartfelt tale of tragedy and perserverence from within the walls of the Novacare Center (sniff, double-sniff). This story did contain fresh, previously unheard material — all packaged up and fresh for the ole gray lady.

I’m sure the Bob Fords and Phil Sheridans of the world have their little boxer-briefs in a bunch about this, but you can hardly blame the Eagles. After weeks of getting abused by the locals, the Eagles reminded the Philly blathertariat that (a) the Eagles — and the NFL – are bigger than just Philadelphia, and that (b) WE are the story, you guys are just feral orphans hoping for a brief opportunity to suck on Andy’s gigantic man-teats.  

There are no easy answers for Reid and his family [New York Times]

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