What Would Buddy Do?
We missed these two (but we really only want to see one of them back next year)
Posted on November 12th, 2007 at 12:27 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

those are some sweet tattoos
Big days today for two guys who’ve had pretty tough seasons to date, complete with adjectival monikers: (injury prone) L.J. Smith and (overpaid) Darren Howard.  

A stretch of a theory on L.J. Smith: because he’s been banged up and worries about his health might persist, (1) the Eagles will be able to re-sign him at a reasonable wage (as they will be in a better position to judge his actual health than any other club), and (2) this is a good thing because Smith is actually a good fit for the Birds and obviously made a difference for the offense today.

Anyhoo, I hope that all works out for everyone, but more the Birds than L.J. Smith. Also, L.J. Smith has some pretty complex tattoos on his arm.

Let’s tip the cap to Darren Howard, who made a couple big plays on the goal-line stand just days after he got dissed by (embattled) Jim Johnson in the defensive coordinator’s weekly press conference. We don’t need to bring him back next year, but we can at least respect that he played with some pride as his impending release is considered fait accompli amongst the Eagles cognoscenti. Good for him.


Jim Johnson PC: Nov. 8th

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Link Here | November 12, 2007,


“Yeah I need it … like I need a cheeseburger right now.”

– Philadelphia coach Andy Reid, when I asked him how badly he needed the Eagles’ come-from-behind, season-saving win at Washington. He was serious, because he was starving and the postgame spread in the visiting coaches’ office was pretty grim.

Comment by Anonymous

Link Here | November 12, 2007,

Counter-theory: Banner tries to use the injury and potential franchise tagging as an excuse to lowball LJ, who gets rightfully indignant that the team would be so lame as to pretend the previous four years of above average production didn’t happen. This poisons the relationship and ensures that — at best — LJ plays one more season under the franchise tender, but feels underpaid, underappreciated and unrewarded for trying to be a gamer all season rather than sitting out until he was fully healthy.

Comment by Derek |

Link Here | November 12, 2007,

Oh sure, Derek, go ahead and use LOGIC and PRIOR EXPERIENCE to come up with a REALISTIC scenario.


Comment by hoagie |

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