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Posted on November 18th, 2007 at 10:54 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

For the record, I’m defying the universal rules of sports cliches and mos def looking past this week’s opponent to the Patriots.

There. I said it.

There’s no reason for the Eagles to lose to the Dolphins in the Ray Finkle bowl this afternoon. (We call it the Ray Finkle Bowl because the Dolphins were playing the Eagles in the Super Bowl at the end of Ace Ventura…work with me here.) The Dolphins are starting a rookie on the road and they haven’t won all season. The Eagles need to win to even pretend that they’re making a run at the NFC playoffs.

A win today plus a predictable loss next week at Foxboro the Sunday night of Thanksgiving (the night they lost to the Colts on the road last year) gets them to 5-6 — exactly where they were a year ago before the magic kicked in (and the rest of the NFC East decided to hook us up and self-destruct).

We’ll ignore the parts about how the Eagles have a chance to lose to the eventual Super Bowl champions on the Sunday night of Thanksgiving weekend two years in a row and offer three tidbits on today’s game:

1. Kearse is inactive. That’s a bummer, and we should probably have an opinion about whether he was the biggest free-agent busy in history. We don’t today. The guy has a bum knee, and he’s probably never coming back. Cheers to G-Cobb for killing him all season…nice work with that. Mostly I’m excited to see what Abiamiri looks like out there — we can only assume he’ll get even more snaps today. It’d be nice if he snagged his first sack today.

2. This will be the first Birds’ game I’ve watched on television in Philadelphia in I-don’t-know-how-long. I look forward to experiencing the local media coverage first-hand. Comcast Postgame Live, I’m looking in your direction!

3. The last time the Birds played the Dolphins, it was a Monday night in December, and I watched it at the Village Tavern in NYC. I was actually shocked that night at how thoroughly the Eagles crushed the Dolphins, and remember that awesome catch that Westbrook made over Zach Thomas at the right pylon. My biggest memory of that night is that I left my most favorite sweatshirt ever — my CDuctive black hoodie — at the Village Tavern. I really liked that sweatshirt, and they totally blew me off when I called two days later to ask if they had it in the lost-and-found.

And my, wouldn’t it be ironic if a missed figgie decided this game. Go Birds!

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