What Would Buddy Do?
Storylines before Anklegate begins in earnest
Posted on November 18th, 2007 at 10:18 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

i have a mancrush on brian westbrook
Before any of us get too bent out of shape in re: this afternoon’s result — an ugly win over a craptastic team in horrible conditions — let us remember that the 2007 Eagles are a mediocre team that is .500 at best.

That is, we should be HAPPY that they won, and stop complaining that they didn’t do it in a beautiful or graceful manner. They aren’t going to win very many games in a beautiful or graceful manner: they’re just not that good. But if they get a couple bounces in the next month, and the other teams in the NFC play crappily, they just might make the playoffs.

If they don’t get lucky, they finish somewhere in the neighborhood of 8-8. They are who we thought they were.

My non-ankle-related stories from today (note: contains some ankle-related commentary):

1. It sure looked like the guy who put Jevon Kearse on the bench made the biggest defensive play of the game. Cheers to Juqua Thomas (”JT”) for a big stop on fourth and goal. Take that, soon-to-be-cut Jevon Kearse! Your cheap substitute will do just fine. Also, goal-line stands two weeks in a row? That’s great television right there!

2. L.J. Smith really must want a new job. Not just the holding penalty that disallowed the Reggie Brown TD, but also the personal foul on the touchdown? Dude. You’re just being a jerk. Play hard and you’ll get very paid. This penalty nonsense should count against your permanent record. It’s lame.

3. My Brian Westbrook man-crush is blossoming with adolescent joy. Yeah, he’s the best player, it’s not even remotely close. Every play where he doesn’t touch the ball is a disappointment. That said, Buck looked lively today, didn’t he? And Curtis caught a bunch of tough balls in the second half.  But mostly Westbrook is the sweetness. 

4. Maybe the Eagles didn’t actually need him. It looks like McNabb can walk just fine, but he was feeling a little gimpy. Um, is it such a big deal that he didn’t re-enter the game? He screwed up his ankle and he has a bum knee. The Birds were playing the worst team in the NFL and didn’t really need him. So we played the backup and it all worked out. This is fine. Seriously. It’s fine. I hope the ankle and thumb are fine for next week.

Good guys win!

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