What Would Buddy Do?
Blathermonkeys use powers for good, call Pats names
Posted on November 22nd, 2007 at 6:17 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

for a giant jerkface i did like his red sweatshirtFor all the grief we might toss in the local blathermonkeys’ direction in re: their penchant for cheap demagoguery, we must admit that we do enjoy it when they use their powers for good rather than evil. That is, when they take a week off from hating on the embattled and/ or beleagured home team and instead turn their vitriol on the opponent.

You’d think that we’d do a better job of turning the negativity on the bad guys on a week-in-week-out basis, but unless you’re a divisional opponent, we’re not really all that interested. Certainly a typipcal AFC foe would rarely even register. But the Pats are special. Not only are they the jerkfaces that ruined the Super Bowl for us in 2005, but they’re also beating the paint out of everyone this season and will probably win again.

Yup, the Pats are the bad guys this year, and luckily the Philly media’s Phinest have been up to the task with a bunch of ridiculous headlines and general name-calling.  Cheers to you, Phil Sheridan and Sam Donnellon.  Your word choices (”grim”, ”evil”, “merciless”) and generally shameless finger-pointing warms my heart this Thanksgiving holiday. 

Or, in the words of Tina Fey, “I don’t know how yous have time to go the Super Bowl.  Shouldn’t yous be gettin molested by priests and cryin about it?”  


Relentless Pats follow grim lead of Belichick
NFL’s new evil empire resides in Foxboro

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Link Here | November 23, 2007,

jerkfaces? … is that a real word?

probably win again?

Comment by brah

Link Here | November 23, 2007,

In re: jerkfaces, we would have also accepted “convicted cheaters.”

In re: probably win again, I mean, you don’t need us to go all M*cah on you and tell you that there is nothing non-awesome about the Pats, do you? Also, let us not forget that sometimes shiznit happens (like when the Colts were 13-0).

In other words, you just want us to crown their asses?

Comment by hoagie |

Link Here | November 24, 2007,

MacNab out…

You heard of the Manning face? how ’bout the Hoagie face? when i tried to state that the Pats could lose to the Ravens or Giants… the Hoagie face appears.

Comment by brah

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