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Just because it’s smart doesn’t mean it’s cool
Posted on November 24th, 2007 at 10:43 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

you can just stay there dudeI guess we shouldn’t really be that surprised and/ or even disappointed that Dunavin is officially out (as of this morning’s injury report) for tomorrow night’s game against the Patriots.

In the grand scheme of things (that is, the part where we cling to some silly aspiration that includes the Eagles making the playoffs), this is absolutely the smart play. Better to keep 5 on the shelf and have him fresh for December. The Eagles are going to lose big to the Pats, and it’s going to have very little to do with the quarterback position.

If we assume that the Patriots will score pretty much every time they touch the ball (Warning! Warning! Recently out-of-football J.R. Reed to start at strong safety for Birds!), and that the Eagles offense plays average-to-well, the Birds still lose 52-24. (24 points would count as average-to-well.) Also note that the Patriots scoring every time they touch the ball also means that the Eagles will be throwing a lot, the Pats will know that, and whoever is standing back there with the ball is going to take a fair amount of shots. Enjoy the bruising, A.J.!

Still, as much as it’s rational that McNabb sits for this game, it’s definitely a bummer. If you’re playing the best team, you want some semblence of your best players out there. You’re going to have injuries every week, but it would have been nice for 5 to stand out there and take his whuppin with the rest of them. 5’s been saying all the right things, and I’m sure he would have gone if he could have (or if, say, it was a playoff game), but given the circumstances, this is the right thing to do.

Oh well.

Exciting scenarios:

1. This has been mentioned elsewhere, can we consider the scenario where A.J. Feeley beats the Pats?  This would likely entail some sort of car accident involving Tom Brady tomorrow afternoon, but still.  This place would melt down!  It would be awesome!  Dunavin’s mom would definitely get involved!

2. What happens if A.J. gets his bell rung?  Does that mean the Kevin Kolb era begins?  Oh my.   

Master surprise plan for beating Patriots forthcoming!

McNabb, Mikell out for Sunday [PhiladelphiaEagles.com]

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Link Here | November 25, 2007,

and don’t reply, “blah, blah,blah”…

Earlier this week, Patriots coach Bill Belichick was asked how the Eagles’ offense would change if Feeley was playing instead of McNabb.

“Feeley beat us down there in Miami a couple years ago, so we have a lot of respect for him and a lot of respect for McNabb. They’re both outstanding quarterbacks. They both can run the system and Feeley got in there and ran it last week in Miami after McNabb went out. He played it very well.

“I think that they can keep it rolling no matter who’s in there. Again, it’s such a well-oiled system and they’ve had a lot of continuity. They have a very experienced offensive line, certainly one of the best offensive lines in the league, so they can pretty much keep it rolling probably with just about anybody in there. Just like they did last year when they plugged in [Jeff] Garcia. It seems it doesn’t matter who the quarterback is. They seem to be able to move the ball pretty effectively, and I think that’s a credit to not only the quarterback and the coaching but the entire offensive unit.”

Comment by brah

Link Here | November 25, 2007,

Bill Belichick respects every opponent his team faces. They all have their strengths. They’re professionals, and he needs to prepare for them like it’s the Super Bowl.


Comment by hoagie |

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