What Would Buddy Do?
Let us all towel off and assess what happened
Posted on November 26th, 2007 at 5:56 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

the Birds actually got sacks
For the avoidance of doubt, the Eagles did not win a game on Sunday night.

Yes, they most certainly covered the largest spread in 25 years against the best team in football, but they didn’t win. It’s an L. Same as the losses against the Giants, the Redskins, the Cowboys, the Bears, and the Packers.

Of course, I’d be lying if I said I was anything but giddy about last night’s game/ loss. It didn’t count as a win, but as a piece of entertainment — and as proof of the vitality of the Philadelphia Eagles franchise — it was the best thing we’d seen all year. Hands down. The Birds lost, and this was still the best Eagles game of the season. If we can say nothing else about Sunday night’s affair (don’t worry, we can say plenty), it is this: the loss against the Pats makes me want to watch them again — makes me want to believe (!). Makes me want to believe like the Carolina game last year. Or like the Week 15 win against the Giants. It made me think that this is team worth rooting for (something I hadn’t really felt all that often this season).

And really, that’s all I’m asking from the Eagles TV show/ live event.

Now for some actual game analysis:

1. I don’t want to burn too much energy on the QB question, since A.J. did kind of blow the game with his second pick. But stillL A.J. got rid of the ball quickly, and played with a desperation and urgency that Dunavin rarely displays. McNabb might have the Mike Schmidt problem: he’s just too cool out there. We want to see a little fear from the quarterback, a little anxiety, if only because the team seemed to respond. I don’t know what sort of complicated team chemistry is at play there, but I liked the way the Eagles looked last night.  I really hope it didn’t have something to do with who was behind center (because it implies that the rest of the team doesn’t like the guy who is actually their most talented quarterback). 

2.  Did Buddy Ryan give a guest address to the defense?  Holy cow.  The Birds couldn’t get to John freakin Beck, but they sacked Brady three times?  And for all my fears in re: J. R. Reed, at least the boy was hitting!  

2a. Dropping the random three-man fronts (but rushing four with it) was tight.  More please.  At the very least it makes Gocong look good.   

3. The wideouts all played well.  They got open and caught the ball.  Let’s talk less about how they aren’t up to snuff.  They’re fine. 

4. Juqua Thomas keeps representing.  He’s playing hungry and he’s playing with violence.  Let’s not pretend he’s a second-stringer.  He’s a playmaker.  More please.

5. Don’t let anyone tell you that the Pats didn’t play well and that the Birds got lucky last night.  This wasn’t Peyton Manning throwing six picks in the rain.  The Pats didn’t turn it over and the Eagles turned it over three times (one for a TD, one to kill the game in the fourth quarter).  The Pats played a great game and needed all of their considerable powers to beat the Birds.  

5a. The Eagles still lost, though. 

Again, I really wouldn’t want to be #5 on Sunday.  YIKES.   

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Link Here | November 28, 2007,

Pats played a “good” game, not a “great” game. 6-7 of Brady’s incompletions were drops, with Moss and Stallworth the main culprits. Asante Samuel dropped what could have been a 2nd pick 6 (though he did make the pick in the end zone later in that drive). The Pats had 1st and goal at the 5 but scored no points due to penalty, dropped pass and miss FG. A TD there makes it a 2 possession game. When Pats are playing “great” they don’t make those mistakes.

Comment by Thorles

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