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We finally have a legit quarterback controversy
Posted on November 28th, 2007 at 5:17 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

adam joshua made it real on sunday
Blathermonkeys of America (and specifically Philadelphia) rejoice: we finally have a legitimate quarterback controversy in the 2-1-5!

I’d been appropriately dismissive of the Kevin Kolb chatter throughout the season. Said chatter wasn’t actually about Kolb, it was more about “The Bright Shiny Object That Isn’t Named Donovan McNabb.” Add in that Dunavin is to the Philly papers what Britney Spears is to US Weekly — if you want to sell papers, put her on the cover, even if she didn’t do anything this week — and you had a lot of hot air about the Birds’ starting quarterback, and not very much substance.

That mos def changed Sunday.

That is, now that we have evidence that there is another effective quarterback on the roster, we can comfortably settle into that most well-established routine of blathermonkey copy generation: the quarterback controversy.  As a result of Feeley playing well (and, more generally, the rest of the team playing well with him as the quarterback), we can now legitimately ask Andy Reid about his plans for the position this Sunday and beyond.  We can also beg for Option B without just being a hater.  We have data.   

Even better, Andy Reid gave a conditional answer in re: Sunday’s starter (McNabb starts <em>if</em> he’s healthy).  Angelo Cataldi should pay him royalties for that.  

Blathermonkeys and haters, do your best!  You’ve earned it!

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Link Here | November 29, 2007,

Controvery is real right now — although Andy Reid is publicly support #5. He’s saying that McNabb is the starter “if” healthy…. so I guess it gives him the chance to sit Dunavin this weekend to see if AJ has some of that Garcia magic, I wholeheartedly expect him to do. And actually, if #5 is actually ok to play, I’d think there are some benefits to playing AJ and seeing how things progress after the emotional way the Birds played on Sunday. That said–I firmly believe a healthy #5 is our best chance of making the playoffs.

Comment by Joe Z

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