What Would Buddy Do?
Andy Reid rocks his comfies at Friday press conference
Posted on December 1st, 2007 at 12:19 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

that poor dejected waistband
Oh, Andy Reid, it has been a long season, hasn’t it.

We’ve speculated about Andy Reid’s waistline in the past, though with the clear understanding that Big Red gets a pass with repsect to his figure. What with the Mormon thing, he probably doesn’t get to have too many vices. I just expect he eats when he’s stressed, and this certainly has been a stressful year (at work and at home).

Of course, our tolerance does have its limits.

That is, we were a bit horrified when Coach Reid came to his Friday presser sporting the elastic waistband. Dude! I know times are tough, but you’ve got to have more pride than that!  We wear buttons and belts at this level, son! We don’t need you on the L.A. Weigh Loss plan, but you can’t just let yourself go like that.

At the very least, I was led to believe that we would maintain the industrial utility belt (a.k.a. the most courageous belt in the history of the world)?

that belt IS industrial grade

And one more, in which Andy Reid looks at Bill Belichick like he’s a ham sandwich.

i eat you

Andy, your diet is your own business, but let us all hope that we never see the elastic waistband in public again.

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