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G Cobb defends McNabb against “menstruating media”
Posted on December 6th, 2007 at 12:40 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

you cant actually say thatYikes! 

The normally mild-mannered and family friendly GCOBB.com got a little bit blue yesterday!

Let me preface my critique by admitting my fanboy status in re: Garry Cobb’s most excellent website, GCOBB.com. Sure, he doesn’t have RSS feeds (BOOOOO!), but updates are frequent, he has good insider information, and he’s willing to criticize the whole roster and front office when it’s fair and/ or appropriate. 

(I’m less interested in his self-help book: “Don’t Be Clueless: 7 Keys to life in the real world,” ”a must read for teenagers and young adults.”)

But G really dropped some HR violations in a post on Tuesday.

In discussing the criticism that McNabb faces from the local media, Cobb gave his take on the atmosphere for football in the 2-1-5:

Philly fans and the media here are like a bunch of fickle women who can’t be happy with anything.  They’re like a nagging wife who does nothing but whine and complain about nonsense like what players wear after the games and what they say in the interviews. I apologize to the women for using that analogy because a dumb guy is worse that a dumb women because more women tend to not be so prideful that they will admit a mistake.  Guys will march to their grave over a dumb mistake rather than admit that they have made a mistake.

Which he then polishes off with:

“Fickle fans and the menstruating media, place as much importance on how a guy sits on the bench, as how good of player he is.”


“I’m starting to think that a lot of the guys who cover the Eagles are in the closet because they make such a big deal out of this stuff.”

Um, dude. WTF. HR will not be pleased. Also, many of the fans and media are actual real-life female-gendered women.  
(If he had open comments, we could tell him this in person. But alas, no. Must not be one of the 7 keys to success in the real world.)

Eagles may be following Sixers

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