What Would Buddy Do?
At halftime, Io Sognio!
Posted on December 16th, 2007 at 4:06 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

Okay, I’m bought in. 

Despite some hideously boneheaded moments and a Dallas defense that is laser-focused on preventing Brian Westbrook from running the ball, umm, I think we’re in this thing.  Dunavin looks sharp, the defense seems to have Romo flustered, and T.O. is throwing little tantrums on the sidelines.  This is all goodness. 

Still, life isn’t exactly meadows.  Things that have made me shout at the TV:

  • What the crap was that effing Pam Oliver special report about how Dunavin thinks he’s getting shipped out of town.  That doesn’t fit with what Joe Banner had explained to me. 
  • I know that I think this every week, but the Birds do seem to have gotten the stiff end of a bunch of calls, not the least of which was the horrifying Ken Hamlin shot on Schoebel.  I can’t even begin to understand the A.J. Feeley call, nor the false start on Jackson near the end of the half.  Baffling.   
  • Show Jessica Simpson (who looks like she went to bed at 10 this morning) one more time.  I double-dog dare you.
  • The Mikell play was among the most terrible that the Eagles organization has made all season.  Bringing the ball out of the endzone instead of kneeling?  Bad.  Fumbling on the 15.  Worse.  Calling timeout to decide whether to challenge?  Ill-advised.  Actually challenging the obvious fumble?  Mind-blowingly terrible. 

Still, I’m dreaming, more than I was two hours ago.

Go Birds. 

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Link Here | December 16, 2007,

Re: The Mikkell run back, it LOOKS as if Mikell ran to the right (his right), instead of cutting back in, he has a clear lane. However, whoever was blocking the guy in front of him couldn’t hold it, and cause him to to cut back inside.

While I agree 99% of INTs in the end zone should be fallen on, Mikell did have 10 yards (the end zone) to see if things looked good… and they did, but the block didn’t develop the way he hoped.

Comment by doyle

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