What Would Buddy Do?
Facci Sognare!
Posted on December 16th, 2007 at 1:49 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

dallas fans eat catsI really wish I was a little more excited about the game this afternoon. The Birds’ season is pretty much through, and I’m mostly concerned that the team has already quit — meaning that I’m going to watch them capitulate to the Cowboys this afternoon with little to no resistance.

That would not be sweet.

All I can think of as kickoff approaches is the opening lines from the very fabulous A Season With Verona by Tim Parks:

FACCI SOGNARE says the banner. Make us dream! Please!”

And really, that’s what I’m asking for this afternoon. I know there are no playoffs (much less a Super Bowl) in the Birds’ immediate future. I’m rational. That’s all done.

I just want something to get excited about. Something to convince me that these guys are worth rooting for and that next year might be better than this one.


Things that would make me dream this afternoon (which mostly have to do with young players doing exciting things):

1. Donovan McNabb hits a wideout (Reggie Brown would be ideal, though Curtis is more likely) for a deep ball, possibly even for a (gasp!) touchdown. We just haven’t seen the deep ball at all. Seeing Dunavin fling it down the field a bit would make me happier.

2. Trent Cole faces a gigantic tackle and gets two sacks. It sure seems like young master Cole struggles a bit with the gigantic tackles. Be nice to see him take that next step.

3. J.R. Reed takes someone’s head off on a crossing route. Since the safety position is completely in flux for this team, it’d be nice to see the guy that no one believed in step up and do something violent.

4. Tony Hunt makes someone miss in the open field. Since we’re going to see Hunt out there a bit this afternoon, and since I’m not convinced he’s actually quick enough to ever adequately replace B-West, I’d like to be pleasantly surprised. Tony Hunt, please be fast.

5. Brent Celek has four catches. Since it looks like Mr. Celek will be challenging for a starting job sooner rather than later (don’t let the door hit you on the way out, L.J.), it’d be nice to see him make a couple plays.

6. Jim Johnson unveils his specialized Anti-Romo defense that confuses the Dallas QB into four turnovers. This feels like a stretch, but since it looks like we’ll be dealing with this guy for a couple more seasons at the least, it’d be nice if we had some clever plans to screw him up.

7. Someone, ANYONE, make a play on special teams. Just this one time. Seriously. Just one play. That’s all I’m asking for.

(Go Birds.)

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