What Would Buddy Do?
Other motives! Other motives!
Posted on December 19th, 2007 at 12:02 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

Leon from Playmakes
For the record, I definitely resisted the urge to go down this route earlier in the week. But thanks to the proud efforts of Ashley Fox, the door is open for what would have otherwise been a semi-innappropriate path of speculation in re: Embattled Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb.

I’m referring to Ashley Fox’s piece in this morning’s Inky, in which Mlle. Fox describes the unique challenges of being a female sports reporter (beyond gaining lots of weight and breathing through your mouth like the men):

Now, as a female reporting on sports, the issue gets even trickier. Men, be it athletes or executives, often tell us different things - and tell us things differently - than they tell other men. They can be more willing to show their emotions or to let their guard down because they aren’t threatened by a woman. Sometimes they think a woman is more sympathetic or less judgmental.

And sometimes, they have other motives.

What’s that you say? OTHER MOTIVES? You mean, like, um, that the boys on the team might, um, you know, want, to, you know, get witcha?

For the record, in re: Dunavin’s most recent “controversy,” other motives would be about the most awesome possible thing I could imagine happening.

That is, I would officially take back everything I’ve said about my deep ennui w/r/t the neverending bogus McNabb headlines if said headlines were related to an extra-marital affair with a reporter (like Leon on Playmakers!).

A McNabb sex scandal would be wholly remarkable and outstanding, and would certainly be a most welcome change from the nonsense about his knee, his mom, his wide receivers, the playcalling, his relationship with Joe Banner, etc etc etc. Also, it would absolutely kick the crap out of the Reid family saga in terms of prurience (though a competing Andy Reid sex scandal would also be pretty solid). The coup de grace would be if we could somehow make the reporter Alycia Lane instead of Pam Oliver.

Ahhh, we can only dream.

McNabb situation has some gray areas [Inquirer]

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