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Meaningless vengeance still counts as vengeance
Posted on December 23rd, 2007 at 7:44 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

attaguy Kevin Curtis
A lot of people are going to try to call today’s win over the Saints a meaningless victory. While it may have been meaningless in re: the Eagles’ 2007 season (specifically regarding the postseason continuation thereof), it definitely meant a lot to the Saints.

And the Birds whupped ‘em.

In so doing, the Eagles came close to ending the season of the team who ended their season last year. I know it doesn’t get the Birds any closer to the Super Bowl this year, but it sure makes me feel good about (a) the team generally and certain embattled stars and/ or coaches and (b) serving a 12-inch Hoagie of Revenge (double meat, extra mayo) to smug-ass Sean Payton (oh, swoon, he’s such a GENIUS!) and the Saints.

You’re telling me that’s meaningless? I think not!

Quick hits from the game:

1. If I was excited about a young front seven last week… then I’m double-super-excited about them this week. How about that Stewart Bradley? Getting to the quarterback, making big tackles on the goal line, even catching that pick at the end — you tell me you’re not fired up to pencil him in as the opening-day starter at MIKE linebacker next year? And a big tip of the cap to Trent Cole for properly channeling his Pro Bowl snub into a lot of anti-Saints energy this afternoon. Bravo!

2. Not to overdo the obvious metaphor, but…. We kind of should have known it was going to go the Birds’ way when Curtis hopped on the ball in the end zone after the McNabb fumble. That’s exactly the play the Eagles haven’t been able to make all season. In fact, it was specifically the sort of play that’s going precisely against the Eagles this season.  Lots of bounces in your average game — it was nice to see a big one go the Birds’ way.  Even if it was just reversion to the mean and a statistical correction in the aggregate of the season, I’m still not going to kick it out of the shower.

3. Speaking of the WRs…. Say what we will about the Birds’ wideouts, but they were certainly more than good enough to abuse the subpar Saints’ secondary today. At least they can get that much done. Reggie Brown looked lively, Curtis turned in what’s (encouragingly) becoming a regularly scheduled solid performance, and even FreakinIdiotGregLewis scored. Do the Birds need another offensive playmaker? Yes. Are the wideouts terrible? NO. And you know what? After watching the Saints drop ball after ball, at least we can say the guys catch the damn ball this year. (That was NOT the case last year.)

4. Other things we do better this year than last. Despite the looming .500-at-best finish, at least you can’t just run up the middle on the Birds anymore. The Eagles run defense in the Superdome last January was humiliating; none of us like rooting for a soft team. The Eagles aren’t soft up the middle anymore. In fact, we’re actually young and strong. (Of course, now the secondary’s the problem, but hey, baby steps, baby steps.)

5. We finally found somebody who’s bigger than Andy Reid. Holy crap. Hollis Thomas is GIGANTIC. Someone needs to have an intervention or that guy’s poor little heart is going to explode in a final fit of exasperated futility. Dude. Hollis was big on the Birds, but never THAT big. Yikes.

6. The stars were good today. I feel like I talk about Dunavin and the 36 Chambers of Brian Westbrook every week, so let’s just say that they were both very good and deserving of hearty praise and/ or accolades. Good work out there, fellas.

Anyhoo, it’s nice that all is well and good with the universe this evening (save for the Giants’ win). Go Birds.

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Link Here | December 24, 2007,

The shower?

Comment by Derek |

Link Here | December 24, 2007,

As opposed to “out of bed for eating cookies.”

We’ll take what we can get.

Comment by Gabe

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