What Would Buddy Do?
McNabb displays levels of passive aggressiveness typically only encountered in the Pacific Northwest
Posted on January 9th, 2008 at 4:14 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

bark on this dunavinIn a sense, I’m shocked it took this long for someone in the McNabb camp to commit a PR faux pas. I mean, it’d been a whole week since the season ended; the employees of WIP need to eat too! 

To recap in case you haven’t been following closely (and it’s easiest to just review the excellent summary that Derek posted on Iggles Blog): two weeks before the regular season ended, a blathermonkey asked Dunavin if he thought that the Eagles needed to add more players in the offseason. Dunavin went to great lengths to give a very PC answer: that the Eagles needed to add playmakers in all phases of the game.

In response to follow-up questions, he did NOT say that he needed a wide receiver (and even chided the blathermonkey who asked the question for trying to draw him into a trap — yes, this is actually the state of things if you’re Dunavin: you have a jokey relationship with the jackals who are trying to goad you into a headline-worthy quote). He just said that the Eagles could be better if they had a couple more playmakers. Uh huh.

This sentiment was relayed to Andy Reid in a separate press conference, and Andy Reid scolded Dunavin for indirectly insulting his teammates. This was a little silly in itself (since Dunavin didn’t really say anything too crazy), but whatever. You’d think that this wasn’t such a big deal.

You’d think.

But no, Dunavin was inspired to post a defense of his comments on his own blog, which included a couple words in his own defense in re: whether or not he’d insulted his teammates with his initial comments.

Oh geez, really?

My questions:

1. If Dunavin is worried about insulting his teammates, or even that his coach thinks that he’s insulted his teammates, perhaps he could, um, talk to them about it instead of posting on his effing web site.  If I’m concerned about having insulted my co-workers and boss with a comment, I’m likely to do things like “stop by their office,” “call them,” or “send them an e-mail.”  I don’t post it on my web site.  I wonder if Dunavin is the kind of guy who leaves passive-aggressive notes in the kitchen at the NovaCare complex? 

2.  If Dunavin is doing this as a calculated PR move to impress the fanbase and even his teammates (”former company man calls out management”), well, that’s kind of sad.  It just seems insecure.  But I’ll allow that this scenario (trying to impress the fans and the guys) is a lot more plausible than the poppycock that PFT posted.

3. To those who say Dunavin can’t win in these situations (he’s either a company man or a crybaby), I think he could have won by doing everything possible to make it through the offseason without any imaginary controversy and hullaballoo.  He complains that “every year it’s something,” but pulling nonsense like this on his blog doesn’t help to avoid those somethings.  How bouts we use the blog for interesting links, lolcats or vacation photos and skip the passive-aggressive responses to minor slights?

On the bright side, at least it wasn’t his mom.   

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