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Disgruntled Birds fan abuses powers of government to retroactively win Super Bowl XXXIX
Posted on February 3rd, 2008 at 11:24 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

no no this seems REALLY important

Attaguy, Arlen Specter.

Who cares that the Iraq war is quickly approaching its fifth year or that the U.S. economy is in the pooper — there is an assistant golf pro and former office gofer somewhere on the island of Maui who might be willing to make unfounded accusations about the New England Patriots! Summon the Sixth Fleet!

Whilst I understand that pro football does enjoy some special privileges under the law (antitrust exemption, nice big stadia built with public dollars), um, the cheating allegations still aren’t that big a deal.  As a sports media story (that is, Britney and Lindsay for the male 18-to-44 set), it’s solid gold.  But I don’t think Spygate qualifies as an affair of state.

Still, you gotta love that Specter’s little — dare I say it — jihad against the Pats seems fueled (at least a little bit) by his subtly masked passion for the Eagles! 

That is, Specter first got involved in the scandal by sending a letter to NFL Commish Roger Goodell the week before the Birds traveled to New England.  And his interest in former Super Bowls surely includes Super Bowl XXXIX (in which, oddly enough, a normally stout Birds’ offensive line was flummoxed by the Pats). 

Sour grapes?  A sore loser?  From an Eagles fan?  No no, I’m shocked.  Really.  Appalled.  I just can’t believe it. 

Anyhoo, I generally think that this Spygate (or are we now on Spygate 2?) thing is pretty awesome.  Here I thought I’d have to go four whole weeks without any real football news!  Instead, I’m going to get around-the-clock coverage of how the Pats are dirty lying cheaters!  This is spectacular! 

Also, although TMQ hates to say “I told you so,” TMQ says that he told us so

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Give us our trophy back! haha

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