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Super Bowl: Who I got
Posted on February 3rd, 2008 at 3:59 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

thuper bowlThis pick is a lot easier than I thought it would be a couple days ago (famous last words!).

Obviously, as much as I may detest the Pats and their Empire of Entitled Smugness, at least they have something to be snug about. That is, the smugness of the New York Football Giants has long since earned my ire and disdain as My Least Favorite (And Thus The Most Loathsome And Worthy Of Scorn) NFL Team ™. Can’t stand the G-men. Not even a little bit. Even with the departure of Tiki, I still can’t decide who’s the most disagreeable player on the team; is it StupidF*cking*sshole Antonio Pierce or StupidF*cking*sshole Michael Strahan? Seriously, it’s a tough call. I suppose I’ll root for catastrophic knee injuries for all.

Still, I thought that the G-Men would play them tough, and at least cover. Not anymore. I buy the PFT theory that the Spygate thing is going to motivate the Pats to be extra mean-spiritied. Amazingly, I bet they’re sitting in their locker room right now reflecting on the fact that despite the fact that they’ve gone undefeated and scored the most points ever, NO ONE IS GIVING THEM ANY RESPECT.


Even so, I think it’s all going to work for the Pats. I think they win and they cover. I don’t see Brady having another bad game (though I bet that ankle isn’t feeling great), and although I don’t think the G-Men will choke, I just don’t know that they’ll have enough to keep pace with the Patriots.

My pick: Patriots 41, Giants 24.

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Link Here | February 3, 2008,

Just when I think I couldn’t get any more bitter. The Eagles dominate the NFC East from 2001-2006, and have nothing to show for it. The Giants have a good month and win the fucking superbowl.

Projectile vomiting battery acid would be more fun than this.

Comment by BrianS

Link Here | February 3, 2008,

I’m consumed with hate and/ or envy and/ or jealousy.

Why couldn’t it have been the sad-sack Browns or Saints that got hot for a month and won it all? WHY THE EFFING GIANTS?

Comment by hoagie |

Link Here | February 3, 2008,

why not the sad-sack Eagles?

I’m 31, and pretty convinced that I’ll die without ever seeing my team win the Superbowl.

Comment by BrianS

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