What Would Buddy Do?
A bit of administrivia before free agency and my impending cross-country move
Posted on February 22nd, 2008 at 6:40 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

leaving all this
I suppose a more intrepid reporter may have posted a Gone Fishin sign on the site a couple weeks back. Sorry about that — we’ve been dark with no explanation since the day after the most recent unpleasantness in my long and storied career as an Eagles (that would be the day after the effing Giants won the effing Super Bowl).

But now we’re back. Ever so briefly. At least long enough for a quick update on the content plan for the site (as well as some other big changes for me). Here we go:

Why We’ve Been Dark, Part 1: the obvious answer here is that it’s the only three weeks of non-activity in the NFL calendar: the Pro Bowl is useless, teams are limited in the moves they can make, there’s no draft yet, even the media schedule backs off a bit. So it’s a good time to take a break. And by “take a break” I mean “try to spend my free time consuming non-football media/ see the precious light of day on Sundays.”  Still, I’ve been good about the del.icio.us (those are the links over there on the right).  So I’m not completely absent.

Why We’ve Been Dark, Part 2: my actual big news is that I’m moving back to the East Coast one week from today. The movers come Tuesday, my car gets scooped up Friday, and then I have a one-way ticket to the East Coast on the redeye Friday night. As you might imagine, it’s been a busy couple weeks with many many moving parts. The personal life triage has forced me to prioritize “getting my sh*t together ahead of the cross-country move” over “chasing down Eagles non-stories like imaginary Lito Sheppard trades and Dunavin rumors.” It’s a cruel world sometimes.  Still, I shall miss my current home (would you look at that view above?) — Seattle’s been very very good to me.  Sigh. 

Speaking of Eagles non-stories: I’m not shocked to hear news about Lito; the Birds can be cruel in re: players with injury histories. Still, the Asante Samuel rumors strike me as completely ridiculous; I just don’t see the Eagles paying top-dollar for a corner that’s going to be very expensive (especially when he let the chance to ice the Super Bowl slip through his fingers). The Birds have Lito on the cheap, and if he thinks he should earn more money, then he should try to be less hurt all the time.

Things I’m not talking about unless forced to: the quarterback. I’m just pretending it’s not there. I’m bored. So bored. So very very very bored. This even deserves its own follow-up post.

Mad Props doled out in large quantities: first Iggles Blog has nice things to say about BountyBowl, then he goes and successfully makes a baby? Talk about a huge month right there! Take that comma all those who dare question the virility of Eagles fans! Click through for the picture — extremely cute.

Yeah, so that’s the story for now. I think I’ll be cranking things up again for free agency, but am going to be sporadic at best for the next month or two (unless, of course, something loco should happen — then I won’t be able to stay away).

See you soon.

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