What Would Buddy Do?
Dunavin demonstrates mastery of sports cliches; future career as blathermonkey seems assured
Posted on March 27th, 2008 at 1:55 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

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While Donovan McNabb has made no secret of his post-football TV blathermonkey ambitions (and we think he’d actually be pretty decent at it — he’s a sharp guy, decent sense of humor, watches a lot of sports), and while we tend to support his direct-to-consumer PR strategy on Yardbarker, we’re going to have to snicker a bit at his latest blog entry.

Is it cool that he has opinions about college hoops and the street cred (he played hoops at Syracuse his freshman year — JUST IN CASE YOU HADN’T HEARD THAT MILLION TIMES ALREADY) to back them up?  You betcha.  Does said street cred excuse the train wreck of cliches that he stuffed into that blog post?  Not even a little bit.   His thoughts on Davidson:

I’ve have the opportunity to watch Stephon Curry on numerous occasions and I can say he might be one of the best, if not the best, pure shooter in the college game today. With the help of the nation’s assist leader at point (Jason Richards), I see this backcourt pushing this Davidson team to the Elite 8 to face a strong Kansas team. But that’s where the train stops.

“The best, pure shooter in the game today”?  “With the help of the nation’s assist leader at point”?  Yikes.  His next paragraph includes gems like “with fundamental play from Louisville’s big-men, I expect the Cardinals to have a strong presence down low.”

I dunno, maybe I’m being a little tough on him, but we don’t read Dunavin’s blog to get the bullet points that the generic robo-announcers would share with us in the pre-grame show.   As regionally perused blogger of questionable renown, even I know that folks read blogs because they want opinions and data that couldn’t necessarily find in the MSM (and if it comes wrapped up in some decent prose, all the better, but I wouldn’t hold my breath).  We don’t need a rephrased version of the AP story. 

Of course, if Dunavin wanted to critique my (in)ability to throw the deep ball or sign lucrative endorsement deals with national advertisers, well, I suppose I couldn’t really argue with him.  Point taken. 

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