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Andy Reid longs to eat his linebackers
Posted on April 3rd, 2008 at 9:39 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

Andy Reid is very hungry

Let it never be said that I am one to keep my respective passions for Food Porn and the Phildelphia Eagles separate!

In an interview session with a mix of local and national blathermonkeys at the NFL Owners Meetings, Andy Reid reaffirmed his deep and special relationship with Donovan McNabb, dissed his breakfast sandwich, and (shockingly) suggested that the wide receiver thing was “overrated.”

Most importantly, however, he gives us some insights into the brain of Andy Reid, which (predictably) involves thinking about food. A lot. His comments in re: the Eagles’ young and potentially delicious linebackers (someone pat me on the back for not saying “linebacking corps”):

Q: Do you feel this is the best group of linebackers you’ve had in a while?

A: I think so. We’re young, and we can fly around. Omar [Gaither] probably has the most experience . . . but the one consistency is that they are all smart guys. They all love to play, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get better. I think they’re pretty good right now. I look forward to seeing them out there.

Q: Do you know for sure how the linebacker situation is going to look at the start of the season?

A: I hope it looks like a German chocolate cake with a lot of frosting. I hope it looks that good. That’s my favorite cake.

Let us presuppose that there is a table in Andy Reid’s brain (no pun intended), with two columns, 54 rows (including header) in which he cross-tabs each player with the food they most remind him of. I’ll leave speculation on those details to others (I bet Max Jean-Gilles is akin the to the eight-pound pork shoulder I picked up at the butcher yesterday), but if you’re prone to daydreaming about the thoughts and dreams of overweight people you’ve never met, well, you’re welcome. 

Also of note: Big Red thinks Shawn Andrews is the left tackle of the future:

Q: Would you prefer not to move Shawn Andrews because he’s been so successful at guard?

A: Not necessarily. Shawn was one of the finest tackles I’ve ever seen come out of college football. I really brought him here to do that, and to get him on the field sooner I put him in at guard. I have no problem moving him, and I think he could play the left side as well as anybody in this league.

Look out Tra-then-William-then-Tra-again Thomas!  

Q-and-A session with Eagles coach Andy Reid [Inqy]

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