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Reggie Brown needs to quit the sissy-talk and embrace the natives
Posted on April 21st, 2008 at 12:05 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

So I’m thinking that the Reggie Brown too-cool-for-school act is getting a little old. For those of us who pay attention to these things (where “these things” = “making character assessments of people we’ve never met”), the Reggie Brown smirk — manifest in his look-away-from-the-camera-and-laugh-everything-off style in interviews — has always worried me a bit. I had always hoped it was just quiet, cool confidence, and that this guy was cocky because he was such a ridiculous baller. But now that it’s clear that he’s a competent, but not ridiculous, baller, it might just be that he’s kind of a jerk.

Or, even worse, it might be that he’s actually scared and insecure.

This quote from last week doesn’t sit well with me:

Still, when asked about the excitement that comes with the opener being at home, Eagles wide receiver Reggie Brown admitted he wouldn’t mind working out some of the kinks on the road before giving the fans their first taste of the team.

“I don’t know,” Brown said jokingly. “Maybe it’s good to play away for the first game, but it will be exciting. At least we don’t have to travel. The crowd gets to come and watch the game, so it will be fun.”

Right, so the non-haters will try to tell me that he was only kidding (hence the “jokingly” from the author), but, um, we don’t kid unless there’s a kernel of truth there, right? Otherwise it isn’t really funny.

And the joke here is that it might be better to open the season on the road so that the team is well rehearsed before they raise the curtain in front of the home audience. But what he’s actually saying is “I’m scared that if we don’t play well enough the first week the people are going to boo us and that will hurt my feelings almost as much as it hurts my feelings when the people call WIP and demand a new wideout.”

Reggie, we appreciate candor from our pro athletes, but we do not appreciate candor about US, THE PAYING CUSTOMERS. We prefer flattery (see: David Akers quotes in same article).  Better not let too many people catch wind of this; you sure don’t want the natives to turn on you (cause if there’s anything the natives love doing, it’s turning on people).  Also, said candor is a lot cooler when you’re, um, awesome instead of average. 

Brown, Akers offer thoughts on schedule

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