What Would Buddy Do?
Sweet! We all loved the Mitchell Report!
Posted on May 14th, 2008 at 5:01 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

Far be it from us to poop on the efforts of a Birds fan to do his best to help his favorite team (retroactively) win the Super Bowl, no matter how (increasingly) inane and misguided those efforts may be.  We hear you, Arlen.  We do.  The Spygate thing feels a little squishy/ slimy to us too. 

But threatening a Congressional investigation, a la the Mitchell Report?  Dude.  Really?

Never mind that this seems to be a gross misuse of legislative dollars and attention (war, economy, failing education and health care infrastructure).  Right.  We’ve been over that.  As a citizen, this troubles me. 

As a sports fan, it may trouble me even more, if only because a Congressional Spygate investigation promises to be insanely effing boring.  Enough already.  The Mitchell Investigation/ Report has s*cked for years; let’s just say we’re not psyched for the sequel.      

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Link Here | May 14, 2008,

Maybe its because Im not a leftist but Id prefer Arlen the RiNO stay away from just about everything you listed unless he’s gonna end the war. Let him chase the NFL around, its one less of these guys we have to worry about.

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