What Would Buddy Do?
I guess $100 million doesn’t buy a wireless router
Posted on May 20th, 2008 at 4:28 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

on facebook throwing sheep

And here I thought I’d have nothing to post about all week, save for additional copy-edits on philadelphiaeagles.com. Au contraire! The Birds have gifted us with a Donovan McNabb photo shoot/ caption contest!  Or, more succinctly, “a photo shoot for Getty Images which gives fans a behind-the-scenes look into the quarterback’s life on and off the field through the eyes of photographer Al Bello.”

Oh, this is rich.  Donovan chillin at home, showing us what it’s like to have a photo shoot.  And to check your facebook profile.  Donovan is actually throwing sheep at Brian Westbrook at this exact moment.  Also, what the hell is that wire doing plugged into his laptop?  Does he need $29.95 for a shiny new Linksys router? 

(Please don’t forget to tip your waitress; more photos after the jump.)


And here’s Dunavin playing the piano (just like that loser guy, Joey Harrington!).  With some creepy statue on the piano.  Also the piano is white.  That doesn’t feel very tough.


In this shot Donovan is emerging from some sort of aquatic habitat clutching a football.  Apparently he does this a lot.  Like every morning.  Before practice.  It’s his swimmy warm-up.  Also, is he wearing any pants?  I don’t see any pants.  Anyone, pants?  Why must they tease us so?


Finally the pensive shot: Donovan is waiting.   Waiting for playmakers.  Waiting for a trade out of Philadelphia.  WAITING FOR ACTUAL FOOTBALL TO START SO WE DON’T HAVE TO POST FILLER CONTENT.


Comments so far:

Link Here | May 20, 2008,

I would caption this “Big Brown in a Polk-a-Dot Tie”

Comment by JIMA

Link Here | May 20, 2008,

philadelphiaeagles.com might want to ‘copy-edit’ you: there is only one ‘t’ in waitress.

Comment by Howie

Link Here | May 20, 2008,


Got me on waitress.

Live by the snark, die by the snark!

Comment by hoagie |

Link Here | May 21, 2008,

Interesting that Donovan sometimes wears his uniform (with shoulder pads) when he’s chillin’ at home.

And that’s DeSean Jackson playing the trumpet, right?

Comment by BrianS

Link Here | May 21, 2008,

That brown on brown combo is kind of odd on a brown man because it looks like his tie is floating in space. He should have gone with an ivory shirt. Maybe cream. In any event, I like to think Donovan wears nothing but suits at home.

Comment by Tracer Bullet

Link Here | May 21, 2008,

I was feeling really good about this season until I saw these.

Thanks dude.

Comment by Derek |

Link Here | May 22, 2008,

What’s going on with these silly photo shoots, anyway?

I don’t recall the team doing that before, other than “Here’s (insert name of new Eagle here) being shown around the Novacare Compound, enjoying a cheesteak, addressing the media, etc.

Comment by BrianS

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