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Canseco - Sikahema undercard proposal
Posted on May 29th, 2008 at 11:07 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

justice must be done
Holy shiznit!  Did I ever learn a lot about Winston Justice yesterday!

Between this and this and this and this (and that last one is actually a compendium of OTHER Justice articles), I can feel very comfrotable knowing that (a) young Winston isn’t thrilled that he stunk against the Giants last year, (b) that we don’t actually know if said game means that he can’t play the Blind Side in the NFL, and that (c) Hugh Douglas thinks he’s a wuss.

As to points (a) and (b), well, I’m certainly hopeful that Winston gets another shot to prove himself this year, and that he performs well.  He was an expensive draft pick; that’s not one the team can afford to get wrong.  Given the respective ages of the Birds’ starting tackles, we certainly should expect that Justice will be needed for at least a few games this season. 

As to point (c), well, I have a modest proposal:

If Hugh Douglas really thinks that this kid has no fight in him, and as a result will not be able to make it in the NFL, well then Winston should be allowed to respond.  And by respond, I mean “beat Hugh Douglas’s *ss.”  Wasn’t Hugh the guy who famously maybe-fought T.O. in the locker room in 2005?  Why not step up and deal with Winston?  Isn’t that the honorable way to settle things? 

They could even do it in Atlantic City as the undercard for the Vai Sikahema - Jose Canseco fight. 

(I’m content with a scant 5 percent of the take for my contribution.  Checks made payable to “BountyBowl” please.)


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