What Would Buddy Do?
Chad Johnson mentions Philadelphia before Dallas! Chad Johnson mentions Philadelphia before Dallas!
Posted on June 3rd, 2008 at 1:21 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie


OMG!  Do my ears deceive me?  Did Chad Johnson just list the Eagles BEFORE the Cowboys in his wish list of teams to which he’d like to be traded?

In an upcoming column in ESPN The Magazine (note that Chad also guest-edited said issue), he writes the following:

“Management told me I had a bad year. I was asked to stop being me. Okay, but how does that work? I am what some people would say is the face of Cincinnati,” he writes.

“If I can get out of Cincinnati, the sky’s the limit. What could I do in a place like Philadelphia or Dallas? It would be ridiculous. It’s (going to) be like a whole new me, like Ocho Cinco 2.0. Yeah, I like that. Ocho Cinco 2.0.”   

Yup, you heard that right.  Ocho Cinco 2.0 in Philadelphia (or also maybe Dallas, but Dallas less than Philadelphia because being listed first is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than being listed second).  My heart is a-flutter with visions of just how ridiculous it would be.  I would guess “very.”    

 (I wonder if Andy Reid and Dunavin’ll get asked about this at the OTAs.  How could they not?  That’ll be sweet.) 

Note well: we have yet to determine a ruling on whether “Ocho Cinco 2.0″ is equivalent to Ocho Siete or the previously unthinkable (and frankly, more than a little bit exciting) Ciento Setenta.  Only time will tell.   


Chad: I’m coming back

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