What Would Buddy Do?
For entertainment only: odds on T.O. doping
Posted on June 11th, 2008 at 12:10 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

TO wants the hard eightOn the off chance you’re the sort of person who isn’t above the occasionl wager (Gambling Problem? Please call.), rest assured that you can now gamble on whether T.O. will test positive for performance-enhancing drugs. Note that the touts pushing this are fully aware that this is the sort of thing that tends to be be extra-popular in the Delaware Valley:

Will he test positive? What happens if he does? Will the Cowboy suspend him? What will this mean for the season?…Probably the only people happy about this outcome are die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fans.

Charming.  No.  Really.

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Link Here | June 11, 2008,

Hopefully this will work out better than the “T.O will destroy the Cowboys lockerroom in Year X” pools did for you.

Comment by Mike

Link Here | July 2, 2008,

[…] Is TO on the juice? It wouldn’t shock me. (Bounty Bowl) […]

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Link Here | July 3, 2008,

that would too good to be true! he did come back awful fast wit dat broken bone in 2004. he did go off the deep end soon after that. it could add up!? i’m just hopeing for dawk or jr reed to nail his butt this year……i’m looking for big things this year. i’m gonna buy into one more year. on paper we are just as good as anyone. we were playing as good as anybody when the season ended. i’m anxious to see our front 7 on the D. i’m buying into patterson,bunkley and laws pushing deep. i’m also buying that cole, clemons, albimiri will presurre the qb. and i am buying gaither, bradley and gocong will be athlectic enough to fill the gaps and to pick up coverage. in short im buying that johnson blitz package will formatable again. i’m sold on d-backfield. the offense is simple. if mcnabb and westbrook are healthy, this team will put points on the board. so im sold on the offense up to that degree. i am wary about buying into the special teams. jackson is absolutly an upgrade to the punt return and i’m hearing demps can return the kick-offs. our kicking game has to improve. akers hasnt been the money he once was. the snapper and holder mean everything to him. rocca hasnt shown much consitinacy last year. hopefully another year as a pro will make him more comfortable. this team isnt really that far away. health, the red zone, turnovers and field position has to improve to a top level again. one can argue the have upgraded each catagory. they have added depth ot insure against the health issues. one thing we cant control or bank on is lady luck. our rivals the giants and the cowboys had both of thier seasons hinged on luck. crayton catch’s that ball its a differant game people. and eli’s last drive of the bowl., somebody please try to argue with me about how lady luck was looking after them. hopefully lady luck is wearing green this year. go eagles.

Comment by dave

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