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How to spend your summer vacation: rooting for divisional rivals to get arrested, cause discord
Posted on June 23rd, 2008 at 5:59 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

bradshaw.jpgThings have been a little quiet on this end for the past week or so. Expect that to continue as we slowly approach the Long, Dark Teatime of the NFL Offseason. Not much going on right now for the Birds, and when we say not much, we don’t mean “not much” in a week-before-the-draft sort of way. This is the “not much” of the NFL-happenings-will-be-limited-to-mid-round-draft-pick-signings-and-occasional-arrests variety. Ain’t nothin’ doin’ in Birds land.

Still, the absence of actual news doesn’t mean we need to put away our Haterade for the next month. Oh no! There’s plenty to root for over the next month, specifically the ongoing mishaps, malfeasance and general discord of the Birds’ divisional opponents! While the goody-two-shoes Eagles don’t seem up to much this time of year (NOTE: said goody-two-shoes distinction does not apply to families of coaching staff), the G-Men and Cowboys seem happy to oblige will all sorts of pre-camp argy-bargy and nonsense.

Let us then turn our considerable energies to hitting refresh on PFT and praying that Turd Watch continues to be triggered by wayward Giants!  Ahmad Bradshaw, we love your moxie!  Let’s hope this latest run-in with the authorities is a sign of general misconduct to come!  And Mr. Adam Jones, we wouldn’t dare call you Pacman.  Oh no, never.  But we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that we heard some guys saying that now that you’ve cleaned up your act that you don’t know how to make it rain anymore.  Seriously!  Those guys over there!  They ducked into that gentlemen’s club!  Personally, I just think those guys are trying to get you riled up; you definitely don’t need to be tossing them off any rooftops or anything like that

Other things to root for: Plax making noise in Giants camp leading to a ridiculous/ well-earned deal leading to Plax chillin for a year (since he played last year on a busted ankle and rightly earned himself some more guaranteed dollars); T.O. feeling more heat on the drug-testing front; Santana Moss spending more Sundays hungover; any and all things involving Jeremy Shockey and members of the New York media.   

And really, that’s all I’ve got for ya.  Posting will be sporadic at best as training camp approaches.  I’ve got a lot brewing on the home front (getting married and the clock is ticking in re: planning and whatnot) and need to focus for a couple weeks here.  We’re hoping to be back and in effect by the time camp kicks off in earnest, though.  In the meantime, enjoy the sunshine, root for the Phils, and monitor PE.com for photos like the one below: 

just doing a routine half-naked base inspection nothing to see here boys

(I don’t mean to go all TBL on you here, but, um, are they serious with this photo op?  They send the cheerleaders to Iraq and have them walk around the base half-nekkid — in camo Daisy Dukes no less! — talking to these poor dudes that are stuck in a war zone?  This guy is doing a VERY admirable job of maintaining eye contact.)

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Link Here | June 24, 2008,

I hear Dirk Gently might be available for a conditional sixth-rounder.

Comment by Derek |

Link Here | June 25, 2008,

Congratulations to Derek for actually out-nerding yours truly in the comments!

And yes, that _was_ an obscure Douglas Adams reference.

Comment by hoagie |

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