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NFC East by Web Site Traffic
Posted on June 25th, 2008 at 1:09 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie


Thanks to the good folks at Google (Do No Evil!  We swear we’re not tracking Google Toolbar users all over the web and then using that data sell more Ad Sense!  Honest!), we now have another way to stack rank the teams in the NFC East: web-site traffic!  See above for a trailing 12-month summary of site traffic at philadelphiaeagles.com, giants.com, redskins.com, and dallascowboys.com, ranked by daily unique visitors.  Probably best to click the image (will open in another window) to get a better view.

A few things worth noting here, beyond my mad skillz at getting the colors to map to each of the teams (Respek!):

  • Grit your teeth, Philadelphia, and acknowledge that the Cowboys are America’s Team.  Sure, those traffic stats are buoyed by a strong regular season, but we have to begrudgingly admit that the Cowboys have the most powerful brand in the division.  That’s marvellous for them.  Luckily, Philadelphia supporters do a nice job of eschewing attention from the wider world; this is a group that genuinely doesn’t care if neutrals and casual fans like our team.
  • Take solace, Philadelphia (and especially Team Spadaro), your team’s web site tends to do better than your other two division rivals (in arguably a smaller population base if we count the wider Maryland and Virginia areas for the Skins).  We can postulate that this is a function of not only a strong web presence but also the GLORIOUS PASSION OF THE EAGLES FANS.
  • Remember wistfully, Philadelphia, that last weekend in September when the Birds got humiliated by the Giants at the Meadowlands and then hit the bye week.  That was the point when traffic dipped for the season (and didn’t really recover until the Super Bowl was over).
  • Feel proud, Philadelphia, that the Giants’ fans lack the character and resolve that we Illadelphians so frequently and tastefully display.  Note the traffic spike around the Super Bowl followed by the subsequent dip for the Giants.  This is obviously a telltale sign of a gutless and uncommitted fanbase who checked in and checked out for the playoffs and who are demonstrably unworthy of their team’s recent success.
  • Furrow your brow and stare quizzically at your screen, Philadelphia, for apparently gcobb.com is the second-ranked “also visited” site for those who check out philadelphiaeagles.com, ahead of Bleeding Green Nation, Comcast Sports Net, and the Phillies sites.  Eagles.com (a parked domain) is actually fifth.  That’s actually some weak sauce (and leads me to question this portion of the data a bit).

Go Birds (web site).

Comments so far:

Link Here | June 26, 2008,

if eagles.com is a parked website that feeds to philadelphiaeagles.com and it comes in at 5th, shouldn’t you combine that with the numbers for pe.com??? Those are obviously uniqe hits of people looking for the Eagles official site. Of course, their might be the same problem for the other teams as well.

Comment by concretecharlie

Link Here | July 5, 2008,

Guess we’ll never know if there will be a spike in Eagles web traffic after a Super Bowl win

Gutless and uncommitted? Yeah, gutless and uncommittedly selling out home game for 60 years. Since you seem to know the internet, do a just a little research before you embarrass yourself

Comment by Jim

Link Here | July 6, 2008,

“Feel proud, Philadelphia, that the Giants’ fans lack the character and resolve that we Illadelphians so frequently and tastefully display.”

hahahahahahaha. “tasteful” and “Philadelphia fan” in the same sentence? classic dude, classic.

Comment by SBakerTheTouchdownMaker

Link Here | July 6, 2008,

Come on guys, the correct answer was “We don’t have to worry about our web site, we’re too busy winning.”

Jeez. You’re better than that.

Comment by Cheesesteak Hoagie |

Link Here | July 7, 2008,

SBake, I guess as Giants fans we just aren’t used to the long history of winning championships like Eagle fans are

I mean, how can we compete with Rocky Balboa and all his titles?

Comment by Jim

Link Here | July 7, 2008,

Jim, I think that last caller stole your thunder up there.

Hope I see you boys ’round here all season; I’ve got plenty more Haterade in re: the G-Men. I mean, I actually rooted for the Pats in the Superbowl — that’s just how detestable I find the Giants and their geriatric/ entitled/ uncommitted fanbase.

See you soon!.

Comment by hoagie |

Link Here | July 7, 2008,

its ok. I’ll wipe my tears from your hurtful comments on our 3 trophies. eagles fans you can do the sa— aah.. aah… nope. too bad. and the phillies wouldn’t contend for balls in the AL east or NL central.

Comment by mo

Link Here | July 9, 2008,

I don’t think its hatred, it sounds more like jealousy

I think Osi just sacked McNabb again

Comment by Jim

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