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Iggles Blog Vs. BountyBowl Blogstravaganza (#8)
Posted on July 14th, 2008 at 11:39 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

Looks like we’re going for two with entry number eight. 

The first touchdown (+PAT) of entries: 

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Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.  How did “Philly is a tough town to be the quarterback” get turned into “Philly doesn’t have good fans”?  These are not logical equivalents, and trust me, I’m just as bored as you are with the standard national media tropes about the Philly faithful.  I mean, sure, some of it is true (yes, they like to boo a lot; yes, it can be a little PG-13 in the stands at the Linc), but it’s all in the context of a town that (a) really can’t get enough of their sports (the freakin Soul and Phantoms can fill their arena) and (b) rather desperately wants to win at something.

I’ll spare you my well-considered treatise on why the people in Philly act this way — we’re limiting our armchair psychobabbling to the plight of Mr. McNabb this week.  Still, I don’t really think calling the Eagles QB job (especially as the face of the franchise/ guy in the commercials/ dude who has a $100 million contract) one of the toughest in U.S. sports is a matter of opinion; this feels more like pretty obvious fact.  The media scrutiny and the intensity of the fans plus the sheer scale of the sports media business in the Delaware Valley all makes this a tough situation for anyone (I hope young Master Kolb is up for it), much less an otherwise reasonable guy like Dunavin.

(Past the New York baseball examples floated in the earlier post, I’ll also toss “National Soccer Team Coach” onto the list.  This isn’t a tough job in the U.S., but is a horrific job everywhere else.  I mean, it’s only the entire nation’s pride and integrity that’s been placed in your control.  Also, the competitions might contain the “patriotism of your average war.”  Tough job.)

Yeah, so I agree they weren’t booing McNabb at the draft (I think I said as much in an earlier post — that it was about how badly Philly wanted a stud back) and that it’s boring to hear the freakin Santa Claus story.  I’ll add that we don’t always hate hearing some of these stories; I invite you to admit that it makes you feel a little bit more hardcore than the rest of the fans out there (gutless cowards that they are).  I sure will.

It sounds like you buy into the Donovan-and-Andy-are-arrogant meme.  Fairnuff.  I’m open to hearing more about this, because I don’t really get it.  Feel free to expand; my argument remains that arrogant people tend to not change their behavior even when faced with overwhelming evidence explaining why they should.  So Andy loses on the “run the damn ball” front but wins on the “firing the players that suck” front.  The Donovan stuff, yeah, I don’t really get that.

But I want to change speeds a little on you here and pose a hypothetical: imagine it’s February 2009 and Andy Reid announces that he won’t be returning to coach the Eagles.  What do we do then?  That is, who should be/ would you like to be the next Eagles coach?

I think the Birds’ top three choices have already left the team.  My guess (and this is total imagination land, but here we go) as to how Joe Banner would stack-rank them are as follows:

1. John Harbaugh

2. Brad Childress

3. Steve Spagnuolo

I dunno, I just always thought everyone at the NovaCare Center spoke so glowingly about Harbaugh.  My personal rankings would have been Spagnuolo, Harbaugh, Childress, but hey, that’s just because I want the next coach to be a defense-first kind of guy.

Given that we’re probably not getting any of those guys, here’s the rest of my wish list (again, this is the wish list for imaginary coaches that the Eagles don’t actually need).

My top two nominees are probably ungettable at any price, though one is slightly more realistic than the other.  They’re at the top of the list because they used to coach in Philly, and I feel the city has some sort of karmic dibs on them:

1. Jon Gruden.  He’s my number one, and it’s not even close.  He isn’t just competent; he actually has the sort of character and personality that would own Philadelphia.  Please tell me you’ve seen the America’s Game about the ‘02 Bucs.  The part where he’s harrassing the refs at his brother’s Arena League game?  Fantastic.  And I actually think there’s a chance he could be available (and interested) in the next couple years.

2. Jeff Fisher.  No chance, I know, but he was an assistant back in the day, and his teams always play so tough.  We can dream.  Also, he has a mustache.  That’s gotta be worth something.

So if those guys are taken, I guess I’d have a bias toward successful defensive assistants with some ties to the area/ team.  Hmmmm.  I wonder who might fit that description?  [Scratches chin thoughtfully.]  I believe I had heard good things about the young men coaching the defenses in Oakland and Baltimore.  [Stares wistfully out window.]  What were their names again?  Handsome fellows; I believe one has a rather outrageous hairdo?  [Furrows brow.]

(That’s right/ obvious: bring back the Ryans — any Ryan will do — to lead the Birds to the championship their father never could!)

Who you got?

Also, as I feel we’re winding down, time for a meta-question: why do you do Iggles Blog?  I mean, we all enjoy reading it, but what do you get out of writing it?


Comments so far:

Link Here | July 15, 2008,

My initial reaction to you choosing Jon Gruden to top your wish list about made me heave my monitor out of my office window, but you make a valid point about him being a a great character fit for Philly. I could see him being just another one Eagles fan in the stands, and I would definitely buy him a beer if I were sitting next to him at a game.
Hypothetical: If you got your wish, and he won us a Super Bowl. Then key players leave in search of their post championship payday, do you think that he could build his own team, and maintain that high level of success?

Ryans for president!!!!!

Comment by BowenNation |

Link Here | July 15, 2008,

I think Gru-Dawg knows what he’s doing, generally speaking. He certainly meets my competence bar, but I’m mostly excited about his temperament. Again, I can’t recommend the America’s Game about the 02 Bucs enough — he has some great things to say about Philly in there.

As far as building the roster, I’m sure he’d demand control, and it’s very unlikely he’d be up to the task. But that’s mostly because very few coaches are able to do both the head coach and GM jobs well.

Comment by hoagie |

Link Here | July 16, 2008,

What about Ron Rivera? He seemed like an up an coming coach who somehow got lost in the shuffle of NFL coaching duties.

I agree though, I’d take one of the Ryan’s in a heartbeat.

Comment by Paul

Link Here | July 16, 2008,

Forgot about Ron Rivera — definitely someone who fell off the radar and who was a very trendy head coaching pick a few years back. Good one.

Comment by hoagie |

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